Saturday, July 30, 2005
Laugh Out Loud !!!
Check out my new blog : Laugh Out Loud !!

Consists of funny email fwds and jokes....a walk thru lighter side of LIFE.

Hope you enjoy reading it !!!
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CRICKET FEVER is back.....!!!
The INDIAN OIL CUP series starts today in Sri Lanka, featuring INDIA, SRI LANKA and WEST INDIES. First match between India and Srilanka.

I just cant wait to finish work and meet up with friends at the JUHU pub, our hangout spot during cricket matches. This time it may be different, instead of abusing the Indian Team, we would be throwing choicest of words at the Maharashtra Government. It will be more of sharing stories of 26th July night....rather then just watching the match on the big screen.

I think we all deserve this break from what all happened this week. India wins or not is another issue....we will be there celebrating the TRUE MUMBAI SPIRIT.

PS - India won the toss and choose to bat. We are currently at 28 runs for 2 wickets. Both are openers have been dismissed by the opposition.
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Read about another incident of 'Happy Slapping' in London. So i did a little search on google and this is what i found.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
'Happy slapping is the term used to describe the phenomenon of one or group of teenagers slapping or striking a stranger while an accomplice films the assault using a camera phone or smart phone. It is said to have first become popular in South London, but has spread across the United Kingdom. Although the concept of filming a crime is an old one, the use of video cameras in mobile phones means that such attacks need not be planned carefully beforehand and are more easily watched and circulated afterwards. Some commentators have have said the craze is inspired by television programmes Jackass and Dirty Sanchez. Others have treated the issue as a moral panic which inflates the importance of the issue.Happy slapping can often become more violent than a mere slap. Sometimes the assault is performed with other crimes, such as mugging and rape. Variations of the "happy slap" have been reported in Northern Ireland, where groups of youths have filmed vicious attacks on firecrews. Two youths were convicted for setting fire to a man during a "happy slap" in 2005. On 8 June 2005, it was reported that a 17-year-old girl was shot with an air rifle and filmed in Wortley area of Leeds, Britain. On 18 June 2005, British police arrested three 14-year-old boys for the suspected rape of an 11-year-old girl who attended their school. Authorities were alerted when school staff saw footage from the students' mobile phones.'

With the MMS facility already been misused in India, for example porn movie clips of Bollywood stars and school students being circulated around. I wonder how long will it take the 'HAPPY SLAPPING' phenomena to reach this part of the world !!

A good article published in the GUARDIAN UNLIMITED : Concern over rise of 'happy slapping' craze
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Friday, July 29, 2005
Mumbai and its people !!
This is a TRUE STORY narrated to me by my Product Manger, Mr. Satpal Singh. I thought its simply an amazing tale to share with you guys.

On 26th July around 3.30 in the afternoon, Mr. Singh was stuck at Andheri station. He was on his way from city to our office in M.I.D.C, Andheri East. It had been raining heavily for quite some time now. His assistant was able to get thru his cellphone and inform him about the conditions at our work. And advised him to go back home. He had just got out of the station, when it started to rain real hard. So he took shelter on a platform under the station bridge. Next to him was a book seller, who had laid his book on a small cart and covered them with thick plastic sheets. Obviously no one would look to buy a book in this weather and with nothing much to do...he and Mr.Singh started talking.

After some time a family joined them on the platform. The family consisted of a very thin man fully drenched in the rain, his wife, a son and a small infant along with an aged mother. It seemed that they belonged to the nearby slum area.

The bookseller happened to know the man, on seeing him and his family shivering in the cold weather, he asked him a question ' RAAT KO KYA KARO GE??' (what will you do at night??), to which the he instantly replied looking at the sky 'UPER WALA HAI NA !!!!' ( God is there).

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Mumbai Disaster Management Plan....did it work ???

Its been three days. Everything in the city seems to be getting back to normal. Yesterday on my way to work...i watched people getting their cars fixed...towing vans taking away abandoned cars that were blocking the main roads...some residents throwing buckets of water out of their bottom floor flats. Some parts of the roads have cracked up...building walls have collapsed...and huge amount of dirt/garbage piled up in most places. It usually takes me 45 mins to get to work from it just took around 20 mins. What i find most amazing is that 'THERE IS NO TRACE OF WATER' anywhere. The roads are dry...its just so hard to believe that these very roads were invisible on the eve of 26th July.

Today, things appear to be better then yesterday...more on the road. At work most of the staff are absent. But the work is still ON. The electricity condition is still unstable...due to the landslide that happened in Saki Naka area which is just 10 mins away from my factory.

I am still getting calls/emails/sms from people outside Mumbai, relatives and clients asking about the tragedy that took over Mumbai. The most common discussion that comes up in these conversations is 'THE ROLE OF THE MAHARASHTRA GOVERNMENT/OFFICIALS' in this unforgettable event. Did they launch the rescue operations at the right time? Did rescue operations reach majority of the effected areas in Mumbai city?? Did the MUMBAI DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN (MDMP) work??

From what i saw and heard from others, the MDMP did not work. Atleast i did not see any part of the plan in ACTION. On the night of 26th July, on my way home i saw POLICE OFFICIALS present only near the Limca factory under the Andheri Flyover. After that the entire way i did not see a SINGLE cop....even in JUHU GALI and GULMOHAR ROAD...the most badly effected areas in JUHU. The local people were the ones who were warning people of the nearby potholes/ditches and handing out clean water along with food to the children and old people sitting in the busses and on the car roofs.

Even the next day (27th July), when my brother and his friend went to the market to get water/milk/bread....they saw NO police officials or fire brigade in the area. UTPAL SANGHIV SCHOOL near Amitabh Bachan's house had around 170 school kids and teachers stuck in there..and again the only ones that were helping them where the residents of the surrounding buildings. My complex residents also joined in the helping process. They gave out food, water and medical aid to the people stranded on Gulmohar road. Considering that the water level had lowered to a large extent...why weren't the OFFICIALS present ???

Yesterday also there were no garbage vans present in the JUHU SCHEME area...which is filled with dirt/garbage/debris. The stink is simply unbearable here. Plus the risk of spreading of diseases is also high.

The Maharashtra Government said that no one could have expected or been prepared for such an disaster and they did their BEST to help Mumbai residents...but try explaining this to the parents who had their kids stuck in schools/colleges...and thousands of Mumbai residents who were stranded with no food, water...for nearly 2 days.
For your Information:
Website of Maharashtra Government for MDMP : Its interesting to note that JVPD SCHEME comes under K/W ward, this area is prone to water flooding during rains...BUT on the website it has no mention under the 'Ward wise details of flooding locations'section.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
A night to remember ! 26.07.05
Let me start by saying 'OH MY GOD !!!!!!'....what happened on 26th July...its still a nightmare for many of us Mumbai people. Such incidents/events i had only seen on Television. Dont know where to begin...everything seems still so untrue.

On 26th July, around 3.30 Pm...the electricity went off at my factory. So me along with some of my staff went out to take air...and what we saw was UNBELIEVEABLE. The water had come in thru our office gate and had reached the 3rd step of our office main entrance. And all the workers were running around to save the stock that was kept in our godown and move to our first floor empty room.

Around 4.00 pm..things just seemed to be gettin worse, so my brother/boss asked the office staff and workers to leave. Some of them left straight away and some stayed back thinking that they would leave later when the rains slowed down. I tried calling my friends...home...but the mobile phones were down too. Then i decided to leave for home...BUT when i started my car...because of the force of the water the steering wheel wouldnt move. Plus people walking on the roads advised me to back in cause there was way to much traffic on the main road. So i left my car at the front gate and came back in.

Then me, my brother along with our remaining office staff stayed in the factory till 7.00 PM. But the RAINS just went on and on.....

Finally at 7.00 Pm me, my brother and another friend decided to go home walking. Now we are talking of walking from Andheri East to Juhu about 7 kms. But little did we know what was instore for us. It took us 3 hours to reach home...we walked thru above waist high pitch darkness.
Cars, trucks, buses were nearly drowned....bulidings had lost their ground floors. Only thing that was moving where the people of MUMBAI CITY. It seemed as if the whole city was on the roads. At times the flow of the water was so fast that we had to hold on to eachother for support.

Some good people (God bless them)...where out of their houses with torches guiding people and warning them of the nearby potholes/ditches/open gutters. Some people where seen handing out food..drinks to the old people and young kids. Many people had simply lost their way in the darkness and the dirty gutter water.

The scenes reminded of those si-fi movies...where they show that the world is coming to an END. We saw people sittin in the buses that were half drowned. Many people were sittin on top of their cars..cause they could not take the risk of taking their kids home walking...or more like swimming home in the flooded waters. It was just so DARK..that we had no clue what was in front of us...there was light at times...from the LIGHTING IN THE SKY and the cars that had drowned in the water...but had their head light turned on.

Reaching home was such a sigh of relief....believe me i have never been this happy being at home. We had no LIGHTs at home too...but thankfully there was no flood situation here. My Locality is slightly on a higher side thats why it was saved. But then i think of those thousands of people who were still stranded outside in the heavy rains and flooded water.

We had no electricity till 27th July 6.00 pm. Some of the suburbs still dont have LIGHT, WATER, PHONE.

Finally today, we came to the factory...luckly there are no heavy damages. Got thru to most of my friends...thankfully they and their families have reached home safely. Heard many stories...encounters from people..and our journey seemes nothing compared to theirs.

Words cannot describe what we saw...went thru..and felt on the night of 2th July. All i can say that it was an EXPERIENCE of a LIFETIME...and i pray that it remains just once a lifetime experience.

We did manage to take a few snaps from our cell phones...

Conditions at work -

More snaps : 26th July 2005 ; Mumbai Drowning
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Amul Ads
Since i was a little kid i have alwaz enjoyed the AMUL ADS mostly the print ads and hoardings. At that age obviously i didnot understand the meaning/comment that the ad was potraying but just seeing the little boy and girl in their funny getups/costumes was enough to get a smile on my face.

In 2005, AMUL ADS have NO FLASHY DIGITAL HORADINGS just the same old painted ones. Up-to-date with current issues around the world and presenting them in most humorous way and most importantly giving the RIGHT PLACMENT to AMUL BUTTER in the ad.

Today when technology plays a very big part of our everyday life, the AMUL guys have still stuck to same old methods...and i guess thats what makes them DIFFERENT.

Some of my favourite AMUL HOARDINGS :

Source : Amul Website
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Monday, July 25, 2005
American Beauty !!

The swan, playing on American TV, promotes a type of show of produced beauty. 16 women had participated on this, and have been under plastic surgery in a total of 151 cirurgical interventions. The last 9 finalists, 100% had plastic surgery to their breasts, liposuction and dental caps.

The winner is 27 year old Rachel Love-Fraser, whose been through 9 treatments.

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The Last Letter : Story of a HERO

While flipping thru the TV channels on late Sunday evening, i paused on NDTV which was showing a programe on the Kargil War. The main view of the programe was on how ' TV Reporters' helped in bringing the true reality of the war to our TV sets and how it helped India prove to the world leaders the TRUE NATURE of the Pakistani Government.
During the show, they showed a mother of an army officer who sacrifised his life for our country reading out a letter written by her son. The officer was Captain Vijyant Thapar. Moments before the final assault, Capt. Vijyant Thapar (Robin) left this letter at the war front base, to be handed over to his family :
By the time you will get this letter, I'll be observing you all from the sky, enjoying the hospitality of Apsaras. I have no regrets, infact even if I become a human again, I'll join the army and fight for my nation. If you can, please come and see where the Indian army fought for your tomorrow."
The look on the mother's face and her voice gave me the most errry feeling. It was like as if she was going thru the moment of reading the letter for the very first time. BUT there were no tears ONLY a broad smile and the feeling of pride on her face.
Capt. Vijyant Thapar was only 22 yrs old and died of a bullet shot to his head while fighting to capture the KNOLL HILL from the Pakistani soliders.
He was awarded the Vir Chakra in 1999 which was received by his grandmother.
Stories of the brave soliders like Capt. Vijyant Thapar makes me wonder
More info on : Capt. Vijyant Thapar
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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Ahhhh the AMERICANS !!!!
Dont know if its TRUE or NOT....anywaz read on :

The following is the transcript of an ACTUAL radio conversation in October 1995, between a US Navy ship off the coast of England and some British maritime authority.

The transcript was released by the Ministry of Defense on 10/10/1995:-

British voice: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid collision.

American voice: Recommend you divert course 15degrees to the north to avoid a collision.

British voice: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the southto avoid collision.

American voice: This is the Captain of US Navy ship. I say again, divert your course.

British voice: Negative. I say again. You will have to divert your course.


British Voice: We are a LIGHTHOUSE you moron. Just divert your course if want to save your ass!!
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Friday, July 22, 2005
Salman Khan "Tapes"
My Arugements on Salman Khan "TAPES" -

1. Voice on the tapes doesnot sound like Salman Khans or Aishwariya Rai in any sort of way.

2. The the newspaper that published this Article did so on the day of their newspaper launch in Mumbai. Just intime with Salman Khans new movie release. The TV channel that aired the tapes did so to increase their TRP rateings since the channel is experiencing heavy financial losses.

3. If the Mumbai police had these 'TAPES', then they would have acted on them 4 yrs ago but no action was taken. And i dont think that Salman Khan is that big of a man in terms of MONEY or INFLUENCE to have been able to keep such a thing under wraps. If these tapes were TRUE, then the Mumbai police would have acted on them as it would have boosted their efficiency and dedication towards the betterment of the MUMBAI CITY. Plus proving that they are not biased towards the RICH and FAMOUS.

4. The BJP and Shiv Sena parties are supporting such kind of non-sense issue inorder to distract the public from their own internal party issues. For example, BJP with the RSS and Advani problems and Shiv Sena with the ex-minister Rane.

5. The Mumbai police did not leave Sanjay Dutt when his name came up in the Bombay Blasts investigation, inspite of Dutt family's high political connections, then who is Salman Khan.

I am not saying that Salman Khan is GOD sent GIFT to our Planet, the man has his flaws just as we all have our own. Its not right that the MEDIA alwaz buttchers someone else's selrespect for their own personal gain. Salman Khan for your information has done alot for the cancer hospitals, orphanages and the old age home in Mumbai city. But never has he publically mentioned his good deeds unlike some of our political parties and movies stars who would go to any extent to hogg the limelight.What have these Newspaper or TV channels every done ?? Do they donate money from their collections towards needy and helpless ??? The answer is 'NO'. As for his problems with Aishwarya Rai, well thats their personal issue, and we have no right to judge their PAST RELATIONSHIP. Today they both are happy in their own world.

For me Salman Khan is INNOCENT.
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We Love Our Pets !!
I alwaz use to think that i was one of the few people who would go thru any lenghts for the comfort of their pets. My family thinks i am obssessed with my dog 'Spike' ( brown spotted Dalmation), half of my salary every month is spent on his DOG TREATS, VET VISIT, GROOMING, etc. Plus my Sunday every wk is devoted to him from giving him a bath, to hand feeding him and taking him across the town to DOGGY PARK to meet his friends.
BUT i stand no where compared to these guys.
Read on -
‘I don’t own my Lhasa apso. She owns me,” declares 25 year-old Mili Gandhi. It’s not just Bipasha Basu who goes shopping for her Chihuahua at Harrods, London.
Most pet owners in the city spend obscene sums on their ‘cuties’ and aren’t ashamed to confess that they will happily surrender to pet demands.

The Fish Guy

Randolph Corriea (22), a musician who lives in Bandra owns a Pakistani Loach (a fish with tiger stripes) called Hashish.
Cuteness quotient: 10/10
Obsessive regime: It’s a real pain trying to get live bait. I have to keep checking with the stores and have to go buy it at odd hours sometimes, depending on when it is available. But it’s worth it because nothing is too good for Hashish. These days I’ve been feeling guilty because I haven't been able to give him a lot of time.
Extravagant buys: I take special pains to acquire good driftwood for the tank which is really hard to come by. It’s not so much the money, but the effort that goes into it.

Cat Women

Smita Vengurlekar (22) owns 4 four stray cats: Brownie, Kalu Junior, Kalu Senior and Blackie

Cuteness quotient: Brownie-6/10. Unlike other tom cats, he is shy as hell. Kalu Junior–7/10. You should see him snuggle up in the inflatable tub. Kalu Senior–8/10. He is snooty; won’t sit on the same sofa with the rest. Blackie–8/10. She is ever-energetic.

Obsessive regime: My family members sit on a floor mat while the cats lounge on the sofa. The first bite of any dessert is sampled by the cat family, before being passed on to us humans.

Extravagant buys: None. Clothing causes them discomfort.
Andheri resident Mili Gandhi loves her 4 year-old Lhasa apso Angel to death

Pampared Pooch

Cuteness quotient: 11/10 (!) She’s an intellectual dog, and that makes her desirable. We talk to her in Sindhi, Marathi and English and she responds to all three. Angel is a multi-lingual dog.
Obsessive regime: She’s taken to Tailwaggers Salon, a dog parlour at Bandra for grooming, bathing, a hair cut. I’ve enrolled her for aroma therapy sessions too.
Extravagant buys: A tear-stain remover. She’s champagne-coloured and tear stains close to the eyes look awful. My mother also got a gold and silver locket made with her name etched on it.

Confessions of a dangerous mind: We all suffer from OAD (Obsessive Angel Disorder) syndrome (laughs).

* Source : Mid-day

Spike the sexy STUD

Cuteness quotient: 10/10. He is a very good looking Dalmation. I dont say so, BUT everyone at the Doggy Park says that.
Obsessive regime: Giving him bath with 'PANTENE' shampoo every Sunday. His trip to Bandra's Doggy Park in the evening.
Extravagant buys: A doggy deoderant which costs Rs. 1100. Doggy Treat, Collors. My best friend got a doggy collar made from designer leather with his name engraved on it.

Confessions of a dangerous mind: Not allowed to take him in the house BUT when mum's not around he sits nicely on the couch under the AC.

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