Saturday, July 30, 2005
CRICKET FEVER is back.....!!!
The INDIAN OIL CUP series starts today in Sri Lanka, featuring INDIA, SRI LANKA and WEST INDIES. First match between India and Srilanka.

I just cant wait to finish work and meet up with friends at the JUHU pub, our hangout spot during cricket matches. This time it may be different, instead of abusing the Indian Team, we would be throwing choicest of words at the Maharashtra Government. It will be more of sharing stories of 26th July night....rather then just watching the match on the big screen.

I think we all deserve this break from what all happened this week. India wins or not is another issue....we will be there celebrating the TRUE MUMBAI SPIRIT.

PS - India won the toss and choose to bat. We are currently at 28 runs for 2 wickets. Both are openers have been dismissed by the opposition.
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