Friday, July 29, 2005
Mumbai and its people !!
This is a TRUE STORY narrated to me by my Product Manger, Mr. Satpal Singh. I thought its simply an amazing tale to share with you guys.

On 26th July around 3.30 in the afternoon, Mr. Singh was stuck at Andheri station. He was on his way from city to our office in M.I.D.C, Andheri East. It had been raining heavily for quite some time now. His assistant was able to get thru his cellphone and inform him about the conditions at our work. And advised him to go back home. He had just got out of the station, when it started to rain real hard. So he took shelter on a platform under the station bridge. Next to him was a book seller, who had laid his book on a small cart and covered them with thick plastic sheets. Obviously no one would look to buy a book in this weather and with nothing much to do...he and Mr.Singh started talking.

After some time a family joined them on the platform. The family consisted of a very thin man fully drenched in the rain, his wife, a son and a small infant along with an aged mother. It seemed that they belonged to the nearby slum area.

The bookseller happened to know the man, on seeing him and his family shivering in the cold weather, he asked him a question ' RAAT KO KYA KARO GE??' (what will you do at night??), to which the he instantly replied looking at the sky 'UPER WALA HAI NA !!!!' ( God is there).

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