Saturday, July 30, 2005
Read about another incident of 'Happy Slapping' in London. So i did a little search on google and this is what i found.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
'Happy slapping is the term used to describe the phenomenon of one or group of teenagers slapping or striking a stranger while an accomplice films the assault using a camera phone or smart phone. It is said to have first become popular in South London, but has spread across the United Kingdom. Although the concept of filming a crime is an old one, the use of video cameras in mobile phones means that such attacks need not be planned carefully beforehand and are more easily watched and circulated afterwards. Some commentators have have said the craze is inspired by television programmes Jackass and Dirty Sanchez. Others have treated the issue as a moral panic which inflates the importance of the issue.Happy slapping can often become more violent than a mere slap. Sometimes the assault is performed with other crimes, such as mugging and rape. Variations of the "happy slap" have been reported in Northern Ireland, where groups of youths have filmed vicious attacks on firecrews. Two youths were convicted for setting fire to a man during a "happy slap" in 2005. On 8 June 2005, it was reported that a 17-year-old girl was shot with an air rifle and filmed in Wortley area of Leeds, Britain. On 18 June 2005, British police arrested three 14-year-old boys for the suspected rape of an 11-year-old girl who attended their school. Authorities were alerted when school staff saw footage from the students' mobile phones.'

With the MMS facility already been misused in India, for example porn movie clips of Bollywood stars and school students being circulated around. I wonder how long will it take the 'HAPPY SLAPPING' phenomena to reach this part of the world !!

A good article published in the GUARDIAN UNLIMITED : Concern over rise of 'happy slapping' craze
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  1. These days I would not use the words, childhood and innocence together. Everyday, I read the papers and find some new kid being a victim of the "Happy Slapping" craze. The most recent appaling story I came across was a year 8 student tied up against a tree using masking tape and then set on fire by some year 10 students. I do not understand why acts like this provide amusement to kids today. It is just so evil, sick and twisted. I believe that the idea of having fun these days as kids has changed. Kids today simply want to grow up fast and become adults. These days your cool status within peers is marked against whether you have the latest gadget!What happened to the good old days when as kids simple pleasures such as going biking or play in the mud or pretend to be pirates, just generally have a laugh would give amusement? I feel the media has does have a heavy role with influencing kids hwo to behavethese days. Kids are bombarded with voilent images everyday. About majority of playstation games are all related to gory blood spilling violence. There is the internet even movies. And programmes such as JackAss are all promoting that bit of voilence can be cool and funny. For example, stapling your hand tot he table! I have to admit I do watch Jack Ass sometimes and find myself laughing, but, being 21 I know they are stupid prats and I wouldn't replicate their stupid stunts. However in the eyes of 13 yr olds they are being disillusioned thinking what they see is what all adults might regard as funny or cool, and naturally want to mimic it. Question now is what do we do? How do we prevent kids from carrying out evil nasty acts of "fun"? Persoanlly I believe the root of the problem lies with the parents. I definitly know that here in the UK that parents are somewhat loosing control on their kids from an early age. All ready we have many reality tv shows for parents who cannot even control their little toddlers. Little 4 year olds kids swearing the "F" word to them. Both mums and dads have full time 9-5pm jobs. They come home tired and not wanting any further stress let their kids do as they please. Naturally when the kids do not get their way they cause chaos. Now if the parents are angry shouting and swearing it is obvious that this part of their persoanlity will rub off on their children. Hence, the children will take this side of aggresion to the playground, stunt liek happy slapping take place. Parents need to be a bit more strict and more of an active role in their kids lives. Make sure what they see and do not see etc. Not to be afraid of taking control and show who exactly is boss. But this should be done by clever means- i.e. not always by screaming and shouting.
    Anyways, I maybe totally wrong in the way I think but have viewed my opnions. :)
     — Anonymous Nikita, at 8/06/2005 06:56:00 PM 

  2. Yes you are a little wrong but you are someway there, as a London resident I can assure this is yet another crime invented and performed almost exclusively by the Black community. They don't dicriminate between attacking the elderly or women either. Please consider that if we point out the actions and behaviour of blacks in the countries such as the UK is often rewarded with a jail sentence. Blacks have an almost exclusive ownership of gun killings in the UK too. But we have to pretend the whites do it too for political correctness. The black community are so entrenched in abusing english generosity, it has become part of their culture, For a country with hardly any racists, we are all slowly turning to it as educated people find it hard to deny social patterns. We are brain-washed from birth to be non-racist, yet the whole of the black community, who need it the most, haven't even begun. Crazy when they were already 100's of years behind other races.
    One thing we are grateful for is the Indians here who, because of the colour of their skin ironically, are able to point out the truth of black behaviour (apparently it's a coincidence the commit easily the most crime in EVERY civilised country!). If you are white you have to just take the racist attacks and crime wave. Shame is the best way to stop it, like bringing up kids, but we are all petrified at their violence and complete lack of morals and self control. When they come to your nation in large numbers, I hope you learn from the black abuse of whites in the west who have bent over backwards for these people. In fact the west has pretty much stopped them from dying out. Not that you would evr meet a black man to have the courage to say 'thankyou'. Please don't let them rape the East, like they rape the West.
     — Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/09/2007 06:40:00 PM 

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