Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Desperate Hoffwives

A pure work of genius - These guys really do Love David Hasselhoff.
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Beauty Tips from 'Pamela'
Recently in New York, during an interview Pamela Andreson gave out some wise beauty tips...

So all you people out there, interested to know the secret behind her graceful beauty..listen up :

1. Pamela Anderson says she loves drinking espressos - because it makes her nipples perky. She emphasised on this by stating a medical reason "I'd say espresso gets the job done - it goes right to your nipples!"

I completely agree, espressos made with perfect combination of caffine, a tablet of 'speed' and 'alcohol' is bound to make anyone's nipples perky.

2. She said women should grow old gracefully and accept the ageing process. She added, "Don't buy into all the anti-ageing secrets. It's a conspiracy. Don't waste your money on loads of products."

Pamela could'nt be more right, we should definately accept the ageing process with the help of our plastic surgeon. And why should we waste money on beauty products which take forever to show the results....INSTEAD we should invest our money on methods which bring instant results. For example Liposuction, Face lifts, Cheek implants and a must on the list is, BOOB JOB.

Pamela you are difinately a god sent gift to womenhood.

*Source - Mumbai Mirror
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Blog Day 2005
Well, as most of you know today is being celebrated as Blog Day 2005.

As per the are my recommended Five Blogs -

And the meek shall Inherit - Sourin has great sense of humour, which is reflected in his Blog. He has an opinion on practically every damn issue. At the end of the day...its definately worth a read.

Gizmodo: The Gadget Guide - Amazing blog. It showcases the best, the weird, the expensive, the sleek..basically all the latest invention in the Tech world. A must for all gadget freaks, like me. :)

Reality Cafe - This guy comes up with topics that are completely on a different level. Some really interesting posts. Do check it out !

Manolos Shoe Blog -Amazingly hilarious blog about shoes and fashion. My favourite bit are the Bad Fashion and Ayyyyy! categories.

Vantage Point - The blog speaks for itself. Should definately be there on your BlogRoll.

Blog Day Website
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Pakistan loves 'George'
Pakistani people and the government love George so much that they have offered him Pakistani citizenship. The only difference here is that the 'George' i am writing about is NOT the 'George' most of you are thinking.

George Fulton, an Englishman became a national celebrity as the star of George ka Pakistan, Pakistan's first reality TV show.

The plot was out of a travel documentary : could a Gora (white man) become a Pakistani? and he was given 13 weeks to prove it.

Some note-worthy stuff from the article...

Many were thrilled to see a white man step outside the air-conditioned bubble inhabited by most expatriates and into the noisy chaos of everyday life. Armed with a modest budget and a repertoire of comic faces, Fulton squeezed into tiny taxis, milked a buffalo and tried on a dhoti - a Pakistani male skirt.

During a visit to a madrasa (Islamic seminary), Fulton was told that conversion to Islam was not obligatory to become a Pakistani.

Duh ! well obviously its not obligatory as long as you are ready to blow yourself up for THEM.

During filming, Fulton received hundreds of positive emails and six marriage proposals (he politely refused them all). Then, in the final episode, the prime minister, Shaukat Aziz, received him in Islamabad and the show's producers polled viewers about whether "George Sahib" had succeeded in becoming a Pakistani. Sixty-five per cent said yes.

Maybe Mr. Singh should take some tips from 'this' George Sahib !!

To read the full story, click here...
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Another Shot at 'Sarkar'
According to Rediff news :

Olympic champion Ahmed Al Maktoum has expressed his objection and asked for immediate removal of any reference to him as a hired assassin in the Hindi movie 'Sarkar'.

In 'Sarkar', there is a character who is referred to an Olympic gold medallist shooter from Dubai hired for contract killing.

Al Maktoum felt the reference in the movie was a "direct insult" to him, according to Moraad.

'He [Al Maktoum] feels that this reference should immediately be removed so that it does not insult him and any other achievers who have excelled in the Olympics for their country,' said Moraad Ali Khan, who won the double-trap team gold at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002.

Read more on this...
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Australia - Refuge Island
Shayan Badraie, now aged 10, is suing the federal government over the two years he spent in immigration detention at two detention centers, from March 2000 until 2002. Fleeing religious persecution in Iran, Shayan was five years-old when he and his parents were detained at Woomera after arriving by boat in March 2000.

The boy's legal team told the NSW Supreme Court the boy developed post-traumatic stress after being exposed to
violence, riots and acts of self-harm at the detention centres. Shayan's lawyer Dr. Andrew Morrison told the court, that federal government knew for months that Shayan was suffering a serious psychological disorder because of the conditions of his detention, yet nothing was done to arrange for proper psychiatric treatment and evaluation. Instead, Shayan remained in detention at Woomera and Villawood - and was later placed in foster care - against expert medical advice.

According to Dr. Morrison "
This case is not about the policy of mandatory detention, It is about the way in which it was carried out and the permanent injury inflicted on a young child by a regime which failed to provide for his medical needs.The defendants continued to disregard his welfare even after told by competent and independent medical practitioners of the harm being done to him".

They are seeking compensation from the government and the detention centre operators, Australasian Correctional Services and its subsidiary Australasian Correctional Management, claiming they are liable for the 10 yr old's psychological suffering.

Some facts and stats regarding illegal immigrants in Australia -
As per DIMIA website.

1. Australia's Migration Act 1958 requires that all non Australian citizens who are unlawfully in Australia be detained and,that unless they are given permission to remain in Australia, they must be removed as soon as practical. This practice reflects Australia's sovereign right under international law to determine which non-citizens are admitted or permitted to remain in Australia and the conditions under which they may be removed.

2. The main nationalities of detainees since 2000 are: Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian, Chinese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Palestinian, Korean, Vietnamese and Bangladeshi.

3. A wide range of services is provided at each detention facility, which contribute to detainee development and quality of life. These include:
-24 hour medical services
-dental services
-culturally responsive physical and psychological health services
-educational programs for adults and children, including English-language instruction. In most facilities, the majority of school-aged children attend government or non-government schools in the community during school term.
-cultural, recreational and sporting activities
-religious services, and
-availability of telephones, newspapers and television and unlimited access to chilled water, tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

4. Immigration detention is subject to regular scrutiny from external agencies such as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Immigration Detention Advisory Group to ensure that immigration detainees are treated humanely, decently and fairly.

5. Australia has experienced an influx of boat people, mainly from the Middle East, a region where people smuggling networks are operating.

6. Established smuggling routes are known to exist in Amman and Bangkok. These ports facilitate movements out of the Middle East and North Africa.

7. It costs the Government on average $50,000 for every unauthorised arrival by boat from the time of arrival to the time of their departure from Australia.

8. In 2000-01 there were 54 unauthorised boat arrivals carrying 4,141 people.

While going thru the
DIMIA website, this is what i found. It just proves Indian government officials are not the only one slacking at work. Take a look at this :

Here the total number of children in Villawood detention center is wrongly given by adding the Total of Men and Women residing in the same center. Therefore the Total number of person in Immigration detention center is wrong.

If Shayan's case succeeds, other detainees may sue the government for millions of dollars in damages. Also it would raise many questions towards the Australian government's policy of mandatory detention.

I have mixed feelings on this issue, and here are my reasons :

1. Shayan's case on humanity grounds does strike an emotional cord and i do feel that the Australian government should have taken the necessary steps to help the child.

2. Refuge's should be given a fair trail and allowed to live in the socitey.

3. But then, the question arisis as where should the government draw a line. Bringing in Refuges will only add financial burden on the economy and the tax payers, till the excepted Refuges are properly settled.

4. For example, would India except boat loads of immigrants from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, year after year?

In practicality, is there a method to achieve a correct balance between human rights and border protection?

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Cheesiest as can be !!
Dont know how many of you out there are aware of the fact that Australia has so much more to offer other then its beautiful beaches, the Opera House, cricket, wine, Crocadile Dundee and Kylie Monogue. One of the things that i miss the most is, Australian Cheese.

I know...i know...cheese is full of high calories and too much of it is bound to make you fat. But its just so hard to resist the temptation..when you are presented with a huge variety of soft, mouth watering, delicious white (at times yellowish) chunk of heaven. I remember whenever i use to come down to Mumbai from Sydney to spend my summer vacations, my mum use to ask me to get wines....just cheese. And mind you, not just couple of slabs but a whole handbag. use to be such a pain dragging the bag in and around the airport during my stopover at Singapore airport. Even now this trend hasnt stoped, if any of my friends are coming to Mumbai from Sydney...the only thing i ask them to get is Cheese (obviously in moderate quantity).

Here are some my favourite Ozzy cheese...

1. King Island's BLACK LABEL BRIE - Made to the traditional French Brie de Meaux style with pasteurised milk. The outer mould should be browning and beginning to break down and the aroma quite strong. When cut the centre should begin to bulge. Its flavour is rich and characterful with good secondary mushroomy flavours. As mentioned originally from France but now also manufactured in Australia and exported to countries such as Japan and Singapore. The cheese is produced by King Island Dairy which was founded already at the beginning of the century, but this one started to be produced only in 1988. The period of maturation takes twenty to forty five days and it has a mushroom aroma and taste. It is made from cow's milk.

2. Raclette Cheese from Heidi Farm - Raclette is a cow's milk cheese that has a light-brown rind and a firm texture. It has a round or square shape with smooth, pink to deep orange, slightly sticky, natural rind. It is a hard cheese with a subtle flavor, good aftertaste and firm texture. Raclette is pale yellow inside. Raclette is famous for a Swiss dish, made by melting thin slices over broiled potatoes. Raclette Cheese from Heidi Farm has received the highest accolades of all Australian Cheeses in the 2005 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Made from goat's milk.

3. Milawa Goat Camembert - Full flavoured white mould cheese. Full, seductive flavours, Oozing texture. Used for making baguettes, pasta, cheese plate stalwart. Award winning specialist cheese maker located in North East Victoria. Hand made cheeses using traditional methods and free of preservatives. As the name suggests...its made from Goat's milk.

4. Dairy Farmers's Cottage Cheese - Cottage Cheese is a low fat, soft, white cheese with a paste-like, grainy consistency. Creamed Cottage Cheese has a curd that is washed and then a cream dressing is added. They are fresh, unripenned cheeses that have a high moisture content, delicate, creamy flavor and short shelf life. Dairy Farmers recently acquired the Kraft Natural cheese business. Made from cow's milk.

There are so many types and varities of cheese manufactured in Australia, that it would require many blog posts for me to cover them all. Take a look at
this, it will give you some info on different categories of cheese avaliable in the market.

*Two very famous Indian cheese, as we all know are Panner and Bandal.

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Monday, August 29, 2005
Made in Hell !
Marilyn Manson and his fiance Dita Von Teese at the recently held Kerrang! Awards.

Dont you think these two can start a reality TV Horror Show, something on the lines of popular TV & Cartoon series
'THE ADAMS FAMILY'. Any Thoughts ???
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When we fail to plan, we plan to fail !
N. Vittal, the former CVC writes about the importance of disaster relief plans.

Our experience with the tsunami, earthquake, cyclone and so on have made the government realise the importance of having disaster relief plans. These plans are designed to ensure that the administration is able to tackle immediate problems of relief and later on rehabilitation of the victims of the disasters.

In the course of the
Mumbai rains also, it was revealed that the government of Maharashtra had prepared a disaster management plan for such an emergency. But the fact was, it was either not immediately available or put into action.

This is my take on Mumbai Disaster Management Plan.

He puts it down in simple words, when asked about the failure of Relief Plans inspite of huge amount of time, effort and money being invested in preparing them.

In order to ensure that disasters do not become unmanageable, there are relief and management plans. But these are not well-known and certainly not known to the people who have to implement them. The net result is that even though considerable efforts have been made in preparing the disastrous relief schemes, they merely remain a scheme on paper. A paradox occurs when a solution prepared in advance is not available when the problem to meet which it was prepared for, actually arises.

In regards to what measures should be taken to ensure high rate of success while implementing disaster management and relief plans, he says...

The first solution is to find a practical method of ensuring that the steps to be taken by various authorities in the event of disasters are widely known.

They are practiced from time to time so that all are familiar with the action to be taken when a disaster like a fire or a major failure of machine, flood or calamity, actually occurs.

Such a practice must be introduced in the case of disaster relief, even when the common people are involved.

Mr. Vittal is spot on when he emphasis on the importance of safety drills in carrying out successful disaster relief plans. But what should be done to change the slack and irresponsible attitude of the officials who are incharge of putting these plans in action ?

This is what i mean...
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Sunday, August 28, 2005
Air crash on August 18, 1945 - Fact or Fiction ?
An incomplete biography of a former INA recruiting officer, Dr V J Dhanan alleges that Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose's death in a plane crash in 1945 was fabricated by Japanese government to help Bose remain safe in-exile. And this fact was known to Jawaharlal Nehru and the then Congress Government.

According to him, then Congress government, only to push the truth under the carpet, constituted both Shah Nawaz Commission (during Nehrus period) and G D Khosla Commission (during Indiras period) to probe Netajis disappearance
. Both the commissions conveniently confirmed Netajis death in an air-crash.

Netaji would never have been safe in Independent India and that was why he chose to escape to Russia, Dhanan felt. He further adds the Nehrus anger towards the Russians for helping Bose was clearly evident in his letter to Lord Atlee (then Prime Minister of Britain).

The letter, which was carried in August 1979 issue of the Mirror, read, 'I understand from a reliable source that Subhas Chandra Bose, your war criminal, has been allowed to enter Russian territory by Stalin. This is a clear treachery and betrayal of faith by the Russians. As Russia has been an ally of the British-Americans, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do what you consider proper and fit. Yours sincerely, Jawaharlal Nehru.'

According to Dhanan, the earlier official reports claiming that Bose died in a Japanese air crash in Taiwan in August 1945 and his cremated remains that were sent to Japan, were all creations of the then Japanese government to help Bose remain safe in-exile.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Dhanans accounts could be correct, since the Taiwan authorities have all along denied the plane crash incident in 1945, saying there was no record of an air crash at the time. Which means that the myth of Netajis return to India from the Soviet Union after the Second World War and living in his homeland under the guise of Hindu monk and dieing eventually in 1985 on all account could be TRUE.

Whether Dr. V J Dhanan's biography will help fill in the gaps to unravel the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Or will it be considered irrelevant by Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee Commission, would be interesting to see.
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BBM is out !
The 26th August 2005 edition of BBM, hosted by Ashish, is available at Bharateeya Blog Mela.

Pretty good go ahead and enjoy !!
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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Doggieology : Understanding Men Through Their Dogs

All you single gals out there....i have some different sort of dating tips for you. Ps...however its valid ONLY if you are a canine lover.

Yahoo! Personals celebrated the "Dog Days of Summer" with advice and canine clues to end the dating blues .

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the Dog Days of Summer are considered to be the sultriest days of the year that occur between July 3 and August 11. Yahoo! Personals teamed up with Wendy Diamond, author of the published book, "
What a Lucky Dog! How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs" in celebration.

"It's amazing what similarities exist between men and their dogs," said Wendy Diamond. "You can learn a lot about a man from what type of pet he chooses to how he treats them. I explore this through my research on 32 breeds of dogs and my theory is substantiated with opinions from singles surveyed around the country through the Yahoo! Personals survey".

she also adds...

"A dog is a man's loyal best friend. And, since men naturally identify with dogs, it's possible to identify common links and shared personality traits between men and their dogs. In fact, I foresee a new wave in pop culture emerging. A man won't be vaguely called a "dog" any more -- he'll be humorously defined and nicknamed by the breed or mutt he owns! He'll be a "Dober-man," a "Lab-man," "Mr. Beagle," "Mutt man" and so on."

Some doggone interesting stats information on pets, singles and the Dog Days of Summer from Yahoo! Personals:

-- 90% of single women believe that how a man treats his pet indicates how he treats a love interest

-- 91% of singles would use their pet as a conversation starter to get a date

-- 43% of singles let their pets sleep in bed with them

-- A guy with a dog is 14 times more attractive than a guy with a baby

-- Two-thirds of singles surveyed prefer to see a photo of someone with their pet before deciding whether or not to go on a date with him or her

-- According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, one in five single households own a dog and there are more than 60 million pet dogs in the U.S.

Here are some examples given by Ms. Wendy on what a man nature is most likely to be IF he owned a certain bread of dog...(this is really funny).

Chew on these....

A Chihuahua man - He can be very demanding when he doesnt get his own way. He loves to be the center of attention, too. Zealous and impassioned.

A Irish Setter-man - He is very sociable and good-natured; perhaps thats why he can be often found at the pub with his buddies. On your first date, suggest an Irish pub that serves authentic dishes such as shepherds pie, fish and chips and beef stew. If you get serious with Mr. Irish Setter man, you can expect him to be loyal, affectionate and a family man.

A Rottweiler man - He cant help but become overly protective when he senses his loved ones are in danger.

A Mutt Man - He changes his moods at the drop of a hat, as he possesses the numerous personality traits of his various ancestors! Famous, multi-talented Mutt men actors include sexy Brad Pitt, soulful Kevin Spacey, mysterious David Duchovny and animated Alan Cumming.

A Golden Retriever man - He is not above going through your closets and personal belongings when you're not aware. He'll feel entitled to claim your possessions as mutual territory. You can help him channel his high energy by giving him projects around the house or yard, such as; building shelves, painting the apartment and landscaping the garden.

Looking at the above is my version of men owning Pariya dogs(local mumbai street dogs)....

A Pariya man - He is most likely to have dandruff and lice in his hair. It is important to carry a deodarant along with you...when on a date with him, cause they donot believe in regular shower routine. Very possieve of his belongings and he wouldnt like you mixing with other men. Treasures his freedom...most likely to go out every night with his regular set of buddies, lives life on the fast lane. Not very fussy over food...basically anything that fills his stomach would do. Love and Attention love him once and he will follow you around like a dog.

Here are few more tips from Ms. Wendy...on whether the doggy man is for real or not BUT you will require your beloved pooches assistance.

-If you have a faithful dog in your household, count on it to help sniff out whether your budding relationship might just be puppy love or the real deal.

-When you first start dating, your dog will give you a sure indicator about how it feels about your new love interest. At first meeting, your dog's tail will wag with approval if it connects positively. If your canine love consultant barks and growls every time sweetie enters the room - beware of cupid! His arrow might have missed the mark! Some breeds are more protective and take longer to warm up to new people entering their clan.

I think this is really amazing....finally there is a way my dog Spike will be useful for something. Anywaz...from now on i definately will pay more attention to my dog at the Doggy Park...maybe he will be able to sniff out My Mr. Right.
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Looking in the mirror !!!
Well today seems to be a doggy day for me as this is my second post on them. Anywaz while browsing thru few canine sites for my previous post...i came across number of images on Google of people owning dogs...who look almost like them..its like looking in the mirror.

Here are a few of them which i believe are definately worth a lick...oops !! i meant look.

These are from a dog food advertisement...they are just TOO GOOD.

Here are examples of kids who look like their dogs....or is it the other way round ( this also seems like an ad ???

ps....I would have put Spike and my snap too for comparison....but the problem is that my dog is extreamly camera shy :)
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Friday, August 26, 2005
How LOW will you like it ?
Well all along fashion houses restricted themselves to providing LOW and SKIMPPY clothing only for women.

But that all seems to be changing....

Dolce and Gabbana couple of months ago announced that they would be selling a
new pair of pants for men with cut so low that their pubic hair will be exposed. It will sell for the bargain price of $300.

I doubt that they really intend to sell very many pairs of pants. I mean how many men have the balls(no pun intended) to wear them ??
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Govinda Aala...aur Kachara Gela !!!

I know i am using the word Govinda (Lord Krishna) and Kachara ( road side filth) in the same sentence but thats the best way i can explain what I saw today.

My way to work....i.e. from Juhu to Andheri East..was completely a different experience to what I am use to since the recent floods and otherwise also. The Juhu locality...especially areas around Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple...were completely CLEAN. I know its sounds shocking....but really this is TRUE.The Huge garbage cans were clean..not only from outside BUT inside too (usually they are over filled and garbage can be seen scattered around the bins).

The roads were looking shiny...I mean you could actually see you face init...nahhh...I am just kiddin...but it really looked as if someone had cleaned them with Ariel or Surf clothing detergent. For once, the BMC workers actually did their job and more so did it PERFECTLY.

I just coundnt to what brought this change..cause I had not read of any increase in wages for the BMC officials in today's newspaper. Then hit me....tomorrow is Jamashtami (Govinda) festival....and so there will be huge crowd from today evening itself at the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. Plus government officials and other celebrities will also be visiting the temple for darshan...and thats why all this cleaning took place and NOT because the BMC officials got a sudden jerk from their inner conscious.

Also there were cops on every damn road in Juhu...traffic officials included. All this arrangement to handle the crowd and traffic for today and tomorrow in and around the temple.

If this what it takes to keep Mumbai city officials to take their job seriously...then I wish that Lord Krishna could visit us more often. would be to see the after-effects, what will the roads look like on Sunday??

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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Femidom: Sex Aid of Choice
An informative write-up by Suicide Girls (dont judge the book by its cover or name as in this case). It talks about the growing popularity of Femidom, the female condom in developing countries.

Here it is..

Remember the femidom, the female condom? The ill fated means of contraception that died a slow death almost as soon as it was introduced, becoming the butt of many jokes:

"Fun with a windsock" is how 30-year-old marketing executive Louise Sandler recalls her first and only Femidom experience, in 1993, at university. "They were being given out in the student union. My boyfriend was up for it because it meant he wouldn't have to wear a condom. But once was enough; first off, I couldn't get it in. The instructions said, 'Squeeze inner ring together and slide to cover cervix.' I mean, what sort of woman has the capacity to slide her entire hand inside herself - and in front of her boyfriend?"

However, outside of the West the femidom was unheard of until recently when health workers introduced it as a female controlled form of contraception. It is now seen as an exciting extra: a sex toy - and is readily advertised as such:

By the late 90s, the product was in the hands of an American firm, the Female Health Company (FHC), and business was so bleak that they were on the verge of throwing in the towel. Then Mary Ann Leeper, the firm's president, took the first of two phonecalls that would change everything. "It was a woman called Anna, from Harlem, New York," recalls Leeper. "She said: 'I just called to thank you for doing this. If I asked the man I live with to wear a male condom, he'd beat me up and throw me out. Me and my sisters, we use this and we thank you greatly.' "

The second call came several months later, from a woman called Daisy at the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe. "She told me that, on her desk, she had a petition signed by 30,000 women wanting us to bring the female condom to Zimbabwe," says Leeper. Sniggering at the Femidom, it seemed, was a privilege only for those lucky enough to have a choice about whether or not to sleep with a man who wouldn't wear protection. FHC subsequently struck a deal with the World Heath Organisation to sell the female condom at a discount to education programmes in more than 80 developing countries, mainly those hit hardest by Aids.

Its reception was unprecedented. "It's very hard to reverse negative preconceptions," says Anne Philpott, who worked for FHC, introducing the female condom into sexual health programmes for three years until last February. "But in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I was working with female sex workers, their clients hadn't heard of a female condom before. So there were no preconceptions, and rather than saying, 'This is a condom, this is going to protect you,' [the women] marketed it as a sex toy, allowing the client to insert it - a real thrill, because seeing a vagina up close, or touching one, is a huge taboo in Sri Lanka."

The design held a further unexpected thrill, as the plastic ring inside rubs against the tip of the penis during intercourse, intensifying the man's orgasm. Subsequently, the prostitutes started charging more for sex with a female condom. Suddenly, FHC had tapped into a whole new approach to marketing.

In Senegal, the condoms are sold with noisy "bine bine" beads; an erotic accessory that women wear around their hips. The rustle of the polyurethane during sex is now associated with the clicking of the beads - and so, a turn-on. Senegalese women have also cleverly suggested that the large size of the condom reflects that of their partner's penis.

In Zimbabwe, where 930,000 of the 1,600,000 adults infected with HIV are women, a new word - kaytec-yenza - has entered the vernacular to describe the "tickle" created by the inner ring rubbing against the penis. Women too are gaining extra pleasure from the condom. "In India," says Philpott, "women told me they had become so excited inserting the condom that they didn't want to have sex. I couldn't work it out - were they doing it wrong, hurting themselves? Then I realised they'd been having orgasms just from putting the condom in. Probably because they'd never touched themselves before."

In the developing world, the Female Health Company's strategy is to raise the quantity of female condoms sold from 10m to around 200m - staggering when you consider that 6-9bn male condoms were bought and distributed last year in the developing world.

That's one great success story! I hope the FHC gets the funding it needs to supply those extra femidoms.

(Written by: SomeOneUK)
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Runaway Crocs !!
According to Reuters -

A Chinese wildlife farm has set up a hotline for people to report sightings of 13 runaway crocodiles who are likely to suffer as the weather cools, state media said on Thursday.

Altogether 29 crocs escaped from the farm near the city of Benxi, about 800 km (480 miles) east of Beijing in the province of Liaoning, in the middle of August, when heavy rain raised the water levels above normal.

Fifteen had been found and one killed, the China Daily said, leaving 13 at the mercy of the elements.

More on this...

These guys should straight away call Australia's very own Crocodile Dundee man, Steve Irwin. I am sure he will be glad to help....and in return will get to make couple more interesting wildlife documentaries/movies starring 'himself, his wife, his kid and obviously the Runaway Crocodiles.

'What ya say mite ?'....
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Angrezi film desi naam....(Translation of English movie names in Hindi)
I think i must be around 13-14 yrs old when Jurassic Park movie was out in Mumbai. As per my knowledge,that movie started the trend of English movies being dubbed in Hindi inorder to appeal to the common Indian masses. Obviously i did not see it in Hindi not that there is anything wrong in it, its just that i feel the original versions are always the best.

However, i remember seeing the trailor of the hindi version...and it was simply hilarious. The male lead voice, if i am not mistaken was dubbed by our very own Jackie Shroff. And there was a line in the hindi version when Sam Neil wants to warn everyone about the dinosaurs attack, this is what he said ' Bhaago bhaago badi chipkali humare peeche hai'. Couldnt believe it that they reffered to 'Dinosaur' as 'Badi Chipkali'. I am sure they could have found a bit more appropriate word for the species..i mean reducing them to a Chipkali is just sad.

Anyways, since i have some spare time before i go for a staff meeting where i will surely be grilled by my boss for being slack at work for the past few days (ahhhh the blogging addiction will cost me my job someday)here is my attempt at writing a list of English movies and what they would be called if they were to be dubbed in Hindi.

Here it goes...(pls note that i have taken some reference from certain websites and also excuse my hindi words spelling mistakes, if any. )

1. Monster-inlaw : Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

2. Shanghai Noon - Amreeki Sholay

3. Shrek - Dil Sachcha Aur Chehraa Jhootha

4. Duplex - Dadi Ke Nuske

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Kahani Desi Ghar Ghar Ki

6. Liar Liar - Jhuth Bole Kauwa Kate

7. Cast Away - Mein Aur Mera Nariyal

8. Die Hard - Marnaa Manaa Hai

9. Titanic - Pyaar Kiya Toh Marnaa Kya ?

10. Reserviour Dogs - Galli Ke Kutte

11. The Truman Show - Main TV Pe Hoon Na !

12. Tarzan - Languron Ka Bhai

13. Sound of Music - Chitrahaar

14. Jhonny English/Mr. Bean - Allah Meharbaan Toh Gadhaa Pehelwaan

15. The Ring - Dekhna Manna Hai

16. The Darkness - Andhera Hi Andhera

17. Total Eclipse - Amavas Ki Raat

18. Gangs Of New York - Galli Ke Gunde

19. Insomia - Bechain Raatein

Ab Baas re..thats it from my side!! Maybe you guys would like to add a few.
PS - Did you know a Hindi movie called 'Ab Baas' (released few months ago..and disappeared soon after) was a full on remake of an English movie named 'Enough' ?
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Kill them..for the sake of science
In London, more than 500 British scientists and doctors gave their consent for animal testing. The declaration was presented by the Research Defense Society (RDS) after a farm targeted by activists said it would stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research.

Signatories included three Nobel laureates, 190 Fellows of the Royal Society and the Medical Royal Colleges, and more than 250 academic professors.

Animal research is a highly emotive topic in Britain, which is home to a vocal and at times violent animal rights lobby.

More on

I dont understand what the whole fuss is about for I can see a very simple solution to all this chaos. The RDS should invest money in India for all their research testing work. Here many people/corporates even some state governments would gladly invest in farms for animal breeding on whom the test will be carried out on.

Forget just guinea pigs, they can also have cows, monkeys, donkeys, basically any animal they choose. If more money is pumped in this industry then they will be provided with live human beings, which i am sure would be best for any research work.

Here they would not have to worry about the government procedures/rules cause Indian ministers and officials can be easily bought with money and/or made part of the shares holding group once this industry gets listed on the Indian Stock Exchange market.

As for the Indian Animal Rights Groups, well they are mostly busy running around movie stars and other celebrities over animal issues that they wont have time for such petty issues. And even if any of the group did protest, it should not make much difference cause Justice courts in India take their own sweet time to pass any judgment, for example the Miland Soman/Madhu Sapre Ad case (mis-handling of some rare species of Snake) is still collecting dust in the state court.

All in all I think its a win win situation for the everyone, i. e. British Scientist, British Animal Rights Group and India. Even the animals in this case, cause they will be sacrificing their lives for betterment of the Human Society.

So I say, 'Go Ahead and kill them for the sake of Science'.

(Pls note the above remarks are meant to be sarcastic. And be assured that I am a 100% animal lover and would cause no harm to them, knowingly or unknowingly.)
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Pearls of Wisdom - Part 2
This is a continuation to my previous post on certain guidelines to be followed by Sindhis and Punjabis.


1. When looking for a particular product, first survey all stores dealing in the goods, study the prices and only then decide where you are going to make the purchase. Even then, remember to ask for a discount.

2. Cut old saris to fashion salwar kurtas. Scissor faded suits to make cushion covers and old cushion covers to create kitchen rags.

3. Buy clothes one size big, especially for kids, so that they can be worn for a longer period of time.

4. Never ever say no to a free gift or a good deal.

5. Always shop in sales and buy in wholesale, even if its 100 rolls of toilet paper and especially if you are buying gifts for relatives. And no, they dont mind getting the same gifts.

6. while having you hair streaked, always ask for the brightest highlights. Since you are paying so much for it, the colour must dazzle.

Miscellanceous Tips

1. Refrain from talking on the phone phone for long hours if you have made the call. as far as possible arrange for your friends to call you because receiving, calls on the landline is free.

2. SMS the person you want to talk with, to call you back on your cellphone. Incoming calls cost nothing.

3. Wait to make international calls, no matter how urgent, only after the STD/ISD rates drop at night. Every little bit counts.

4. Switch off the car engine at signals to conserve petrol.

5. Dont trash used envelopes and greeting cards. Cut them up and use as writing paper for taking down phone messages and making reminder notes.

6. Never throw away wrapping papers from gifts that you receive. Fold neatly and store. Recycle when needed.

7. Carry on your own miniatures of alcohol to restaurants to avoid paying high bills.

8. Roll, squash and squeeze toothpaste tubes till as flat as paper.

9. Store old clothes in suitcases because you never know when you will need them.

10. In your attempt to prove that sharing is caring, use one teabag for two or more cups of tea.

(Note : This is a work of nonfiction. I take no responsibilty for the views and ideas expressed.Kindly donot take them seriously as they are meant for purely reading purpose ONLY. Resemblence to any individual is purely co-incidental.)

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Encouragement Appreciated !!
Mall Road published last week's Blog Mela. And my blog on 'Doggy Lifestyle' is mentioned in it.

I would just like to say that more than an acknowledgement (from the Indian blogging community) what matters the most is being appreciated.

Dont wanna make it sound like I am receiving an OSCAR but its just that we need guys like
Blog Mela & DesiPundit to encourage bloggers like myself to continue blogging EVEN if no one bothers to leave comments on our posts. Atleast now I know that there are people reading my blog and all the effort (believe me there has been loads of it from my side) is not going down the drain.

Thank you guys, your acknowledgement is really appreciated.

PS - Arzan, thanks for nominating me :)
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Pearls of Wisdom - Part 1
This write-up was published in The Sindhian magazine.

Though it is mainly concerned with Sindhies..i believe that there are many similarities between Sindhies and Punjabies ( i am a punju)..therefore i am putting it up on my blog. Its funny and at some point hilarious....but very true.

So all you Sindhies and Punjus..get your act together and take notes.


1. Money saved is money earned.

2. Always and always bargain even if it is with the vegetable vendor for just 10 rupees. (Especially if it is with the vegetable vendor for just 10 rupees.)

3. Know excatly how much currency is in your wallet at any given moment. Your Sindhi (Punjabi in my case) parents and spouse are authorised to spring a suprise check on you regarding this, anytime.

4. Never interrupt a person when they are counting notes. Purchasing a currency counting machine is considered a sound investment.

5. Dont trust anyone with your money.


Pay close attention to this one because food is an extremely vital part of every Sindhi/Punju household.

1. Dont throw away stale food, recook it the next day.

2. Store all your chocolates, alcohol and precious 'biscoots' under lock and key.

3. Completely disregard expiry dates printed on products especially on medicines and imported foodstuff.

4. Avoid buying mangoes at the beginning of the season even if you have a desperate craving for them. Instead, wait for the mango season to come to an end because the fruit is much cheaper then.

5. After eating a meal at a restaurant, always take home the leftover food for the next day, unless ofcourse, it is a Monday or satyanarayan.

6. Attend all weddings that you ae invited to so you can eat there and dont have to cook at home.


1. Buy economy class tickets but always ask for an upgrade.

2. Take home the nuts, cutlery, toilet kits and chocolate that you get on the flight.

3. Always visit the airport lounge, even if it is only for few minutes, because it is included in the price of the ticket.

4. You must drink alcohol on flight since its complimentary.

5. Dont waste money on courier charges when you want to send a package. Instead wait for someone to travel to that place and then request them to carry it for you.

6. Always call friends in the city you are visiting, before hand (especially if you are carrying parcel for them), so that they offer to have you picked from the airport and you wont have to take a cab.

*Thats it for today, lesson no.2 tommorrow.

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East Vs. West
A really good short article featured in New Scientist online magazine. It talks about an experiment carried out by Mr. Richard Nisbett. The aim of the experiment is to prove that EASTERN AND WESTERN COUNTRIES think differently from each other and that their thinking is mostly based on cultural philosophies/values/norms of their region. The comparison is done between the Chinease and American people.

Westerners and Easterners see the world differently
by Zeeya Merali

Chinese and American people see the world differently, literally. While Americans focus on the central objects of photographs, Chinese individuals pay more attention to the image as a whole, according to psychologists at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, US. 'There is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that Western and East Asian people have contrasting world-views,' explains Richard Nisbett, who carried out the study. 'Americans break things down analytically, focusing on putting objects into categories and working out what rules they should obey,' he says.

By contrast, East Asians have a more holistic philosophy, looking at objects in relation to the whole. 'Figuratively, Americans see things in black and white, while East Asians see more shades of grey,' says Nisbett. 'We wanted to devise an experiment to see if that translated to a literal difference in what they actually see.'

The researchers tracked the eye-movements of two groups of students while they looked at photographs. One group contained American-born graduates of European descent and the other was comprised of Chinese-born graduate students who came to the US after their undergraduate degrees. Each picture showed a striking central image placed in a realistic background, such as a tiger in a jungle. They found that the American students spent longer looking at the central object, while the Chinese students eyes tended to dart around, taking in the context.

Harmony versus Goals

Nisbett and his colleagues believe that this distinctive pattern has developed because of the philosophies of these two cultures. 'Harmony is a central idea in East Asian philosophy, and so there is more emphasis on how things relate to the whole,' says Nisbett. 'In the West, by contrast, life is about achieving goals.'

Psychologists watching American and Japanese families playing with toys have also noted this difference. 'An American mother will say ‘Look Billy, a truck. Its shiny and has wheels.’ The focus is on the object,' explains Nisbett. By contrast, Japanese mothers stress context saying things like, 'I push the truck to you and you push it to me. When you throw it at the wall, the wall says ouch.'

Nisbett also cites language development in the cultures. 'To Westerners it seems obvious that babies learn nouns more easily. But while this is the case in the West, studies show that Korean and Chinese children pick up verbs which relate objects to each other, more easily.

'Nisbetts work is interesting and suggestive,' says John Findlay, a psychologist specialising in human visual attention at Durham University, UK. 'Its always difficult to put an objective measure on cultural differences, but this group have made a step towards that.'

Nisbett hopes that his work will change the way the cultures view each other. 'Understanding that there is a real difference in the way people think should form the basis of respect.'

AMEN to that !! BTW this somewhat explains why we Asians are way smarter then Americans !!! :)
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Sweaty Wristwatch

According to Mumbai Mirror -

Nike has come out with a new accessory a 'Nike Cuff Wristband Watch'. Basically its a combination of a sweat absorbing cotton wristband and a digital watch, therefore it serves up as a multipurpose item. The best feature of this unique watch is that it is washing machine resistant. So when it gets all dirty and smelly, you can simply toss it in your washing machine.

Pretty cool and innovative thinking from Nike. Well talking about Wristbands, I have come to believe that MEDIA does play an important role in Consumer buying pattern. I mean i had always heard/read about it but never saw or experienced it myself. Here the media I am talking about is 'BOLLYWOOD MOVIES'.

Recently with the release of movie 'BUNTY AUR BUBLI' starring Abhishek Bachan and Rani Mukherji, the sale of our sports
wristbands has nearly DOUBLED in the Local Sports Market. The increase in sale was influenced by Abhishek sporting a wristband thru out the movie.

I may presumptuous about the whole thing but there is another reason which clearly backs my thinking. A week ago, there was a college festival going on in Mumbai and my
company was one of the sponsors for their sports event. The person in-charge made a special request asking us to give them 10 Dozens of wristbands which would be distributed for free among the college audience. The reason for this request was that wristbands have become the new fashion statement for college students.

The craze seems to be catching on to other movies also, just two days back we got an order for 5000 pcs of wristbands for a soon to be released movie (with the movies name to be embroidered on them). It will be used for promotional means
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Monday, August 22, 2005
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
This translation is from

Ramzi Hashem Abed is part of the Ansar Al-Islam group, which is suppose to be part of Bin-Laden and Saddam joint group formed to fight jihad against America and its allies.

Abed describes some of the tactics used to implement Zarqawi strategy in Iraq that is to provoke a Sunni vs. Shia civil war, ignite Arab-Kurd antipathies, and involve the Turks.

Here are some excerpts :

Interrogator: What organization do you belong to?

Abed: Ansar Al-Islam.

Interrogator: What organization is this?

Abed: It is Bin Ladens group.

Abed: Mullah Al-Shafii said that we were going to carry out operations in Najaf.

Interrogator: What kind of operations?

Abed: The Al-Qabanji operation, for example, or sending them poisoning food on the day commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Interrogator: Give me an example of an operation.

Abed: The Turkish embassy, for example.

Interrogator: The Turkish embassy in Baghdad?

Abed: Yes, or the Red Cross. We bombed it. The guys and I bombed it.

Interrogator: What was the goal of bombing the Turkish embassy or the Red Cross?

Abed: By bombing the Turkish embassy, we wanted to cause a problem between the Turkmens and the Kurds.

Interrogator: In other words, to cause civil strife between the two sides?

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: As for the murder of Muhammad Baqer Al-Hakim, you were one of the perpetrators, right?

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: Tell me how it took place.

Abed: The operation. It was agreed upon right from the start by Mullah Al-Raikan, Mullah Al-Shafii, and Al-Zarqawi. They took us Iraqis to do surveillance from a distance. There were people there who specialized in bombing operations. They are still in Baghdad and Mosul.

Interrogator: How many were you?

Abed: About four or five people.

Interrogator: Those who carried out the operation?

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: They sent an ambulance and used remote control.

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: Where were you exactly at the time of the incident?

Abed: We were in the cemetery.

Interrogator: Why werent you close to the incident?

Abed: Because there were specialists who carried out the operation.

Interrogator: Specialists? Who were they?

Abed: Abu Sajjad, Abu Haidar, and Abu Hamza.

Interrogator: All these are aliases. What are their real names?

Abed: They never give out their real names.

Interrogator: You dont even know their real names?

Abed: No. For example, my name is Ramzi, right? They call me Abu Shema, after my daughter.

Yes. Father of Shema.

Heres another operation involving Abu Shema.

Interrogator: Did you kidnap women?

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: There were operations of kidnapping and rape, carried out by the squad you belong to?

Abed: Yes.

Interrogator: Tell me how many rape and kidnapping operations were carried out. My information says that the kidnapped women were university students or daughters of famous people. You raped them and got money for it, and if they were not slaughtered afterwards.Did this really happen?

Abed: Yes, it did.

Interrogator: Who would carry out these operations?

Abed: Abu Sajjad.

Interrogator: Your superior?

Abed: Yes.

This just proves the out-and-out determination of these terriost groups who will stop at nothing till they get what they are seems like they are no more fighting for a CAUSE but are now fighting out of HABIT.
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With Love From IRAN...

A special report written by Sheela Bhatt, Managing Editor (National Affairs).

She along with 13 other Indian women journalists embarked their journey to Iran after receiving an invitation from the Iranian government. With the mission of gaining an insight on thoughts, beliefs and behavior practiced in this country.

"Please don't show your bust line."

Sheela starts with the 'dress code' instructions given to them before the commencement of the tour by the tour coordinator and stressed further once they reach Tehran by the Indian diplomats and His Excellency S L Yaghoubi (ambassador of Iran)'s colleagues.

Lack of western influence has resulted in foreign sim cards and credit cards to be absolutely useless along with Travelers cheques and post 1998 printed American dollars.
She also writes about the Iranian influence in India right from the Moghuls era to the present day.

Its a very simple write up...informing about the simple but strict lifestyle of the people belonging to a country which is now seen as the next EVIL HUB (after Iraq) by the American government.
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Here is a list of Dumbest celebrity quotes...(aggghhhhhh what were they thinking ????)

"Beyond its entertainment value, Baywatch has enriched and, in many cases, helped save lives. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to continue with a project which has has such a significance for so many."David Hasselhoff

"China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese."Charles De Gaulle, former French President

"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff."Mariah Carey

"I've always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly under-polluted." Lawrence Summers, chief economist of the World Bank, explaining why we should export toxic wastes to Third World countries

"A bachelor's life is no life for a single man."Samuel Goldwyn

"Facts are stupid things."Ronald Reagan

"Where the hell is Australia anyway?"Britney Spears

"I loved Jordan. He was one of the greatest athletes of our time."Mariah Carey on hearing of the death of the King of Jordan.

"To have your niece die in your arms is the greatest gift from god"Celine Dion

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign

"Solutions are not the answer."Richard Nixon

"I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever." Miss Alabama at the 1994 Miss Universe pageant, when asked "If you could live forever, would you and why?"

"In an action film you act in the action, in a drama film you act in the drama."Jean-Claude Van Damme

"Hawaii is a unique state. It is a small state. It is a state that is by itself. It is a --it is different from the other 49 states. Well, all states are different, but it's got a particularly unique situation."Dan Quayle

"Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that."Bill Clinton, before the Monica scandal
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
A very Happy New the entire Parsi community.

Hope you guys have a great time...and a great year ahead.
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A walk in the park..(in your birthday suit)
A country garden in Wiltshire has opened for a naturist day allowing visitors to explore the park NAKED, if they want to.

Malmesburys Abbey House Gardens Clothes Optional Day has been organised by owners Barbara and Ian Pollard.

We got involved in a documentary about working naked,' said Mrs Pollard. ' We then had endless emails asking if we could share the garden and if we could take our clothes off and we thought why not? 'I am self-conscious about my own body and it took me a while to get my head around taking my clothes off.

'Now I feel liberated doing it and I think why does it matter? 'Barbara said the couple were hoping for good weather: ' Being without clothes on a hot day is more comfortable.'

some more on
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After stop CLIMAX !!
After reading this post on Arzan's blog. Here is a list some more city names..on the same line.

Arsoli (Lazio, Italy)

Bastard (Norway)

Chinaman's Knob (Australia)

Climax (Colorado, USA)

Cunt (Spain)

Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)

Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)

Dongo (Congo - Democratic Republic)

Fuku (Shensi, China)

Fukue (Honshu, Japan)

Fukui (Honshu, Japan)Fukum (Yemen)

Hold With Hope (Greenland)

Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)

Lickey End (West Midlands, UK)

Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)

Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)

Seymen (Turkey)

Shafter (California, USA)

Shag Island (Indian Ocean)

Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK)

Tittybong (Australia)

Tong Fuk (Japan)

Twatt (Orkney, UK)

Wank (Germany)

Wankie Colliery (Zimbabwe)

Wet Beaver Creek (Australia)
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Male/Female Definitions
This is really funny....

MD = Male definition
FD = Female definition

Wants and Needs:
(FD) The delicate balance of emotional, physical and psychological longing one seeks to have fulfilled in a relationship.
(MD) Food, sex, and beer!

(FD) The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner.
(MD) Jotting a note before suddenly taking off for a weekend with the guys!

(FD) The body part that all clothing manufacturers makes "looks bigger".
(MD) The part meant for mooning and farting!

(FD) A desire to get married and raise a family.
(MD) Avoiding the urge to pick up other women while out with one's girlfriend!

(FD) A good movie, concert, play or book.
(MD) Anything with one ball, two fields, or three stooges!

(FD) An embarrassing byproduct of digestion.
(MD) An endless source of entertainment, self-expression & male bonding!

(FD) A woman who makes love to other women.
(MD) A woman who has sex with other women so men can get aroused!

Making Love:
(FD) The greatest expression of intimacy a couple can achieve.
(MD) What men have to call "boinking" to get women to "boink"!

Remote Control:
(FD) A device for changing from one TV channel to another.
(MD) A device for scanning through all 99 channels every two minutes!

(FD) Something you do to whatever you're cooking, to make sure it's good.
(MD) Something you do to food you think has gone bad, prior to tossing it out!

(FD) Any part under a car's hood.
(MD) The strap fastener on a woman's bra!

(FD) Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another.
(MD) Playing ball without a cup!

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