Wednesday, August 10, 2005
And India leads by 128......
No...No....No its not a cricket match between the two countries. Though we would love to beat our friendly neighbour at anything but here they seem to leave us way behind.....Read on.

According to report in
Rediff -

Starting a business in India takes nearly three months compared to just 5 days in the United States, 41 days in China and less than a month's time in Pakistan, according to World Bank's report 'Doing Business in 2005.'

While India fared better than Brazil, where opening a business was said to take as many as 152 days, the country was way behind Pakistan, where it takes only 24 days to set up a business.

Now thats really suprising....128 days more than what it would take to start a business in Pakistan.

Well its HIGH time for our Minister of State for Commerce and Industry to wake up and smell the grass..the air....the ground...inshort everything and do something about it !!!!!
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