Saturday, August 27, 2005
Doggieology : Understanding Men Through Their Dogs

All you single gals out there....i have some different sort of dating tips for you. Ps...however its valid ONLY if you are a canine lover.

Yahoo! Personals celebrated the "Dog Days of Summer" with advice and canine clues to end the dating blues .

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the Dog Days of Summer are considered to be the sultriest days of the year that occur between July 3 and August 11. Yahoo! Personals teamed up with Wendy Diamond, author of the published book, "
What a Lucky Dog! How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs" in celebration.

"It's amazing what similarities exist between men and their dogs," said Wendy Diamond. "You can learn a lot about a man from what type of pet he chooses to how he treats them. I explore this through my research on 32 breeds of dogs and my theory is substantiated with opinions from singles surveyed around the country through the Yahoo! Personals survey".

she also adds...

"A dog is a man's loyal best friend. And, since men naturally identify with dogs, it's possible to identify common links and shared personality traits between men and their dogs. In fact, I foresee a new wave in pop culture emerging. A man won't be vaguely called a "dog" any more -- he'll be humorously defined and nicknamed by the breed or mutt he owns! He'll be a "Dober-man," a "Lab-man," "Mr. Beagle," "Mutt man" and so on."

Some doggone interesting stats information on pets, singles and the Dog Days of Summer from Yahoo! Personals:

-- 90% of single women believe that how a man treats his pet indicates how he treats a love interest

-- 91% of singles would use their pet as a conversation starter to get a date

-- 43% of singles let their pets sleep in bed with them

-- A guy with a dog is 14 times more attractive than a guy with a baby

-- Two-thirds of singles surveyed prefer to see a photo of someone with their pet before deciding whether or not to go on a date with him or her

-- According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, one in five single households own a dog and there are more than 60 million pet dogs in the U.S.

Here are some examples given by Ms. Wendy on what a man nature is most likely to be IF he owned a certain bread of dog...(this is really funny).

Chew on these....

A Chihuahua man - He can be very demanding when he doesnt get his own way. He loves to be the center of attention, too. Zealous and impassioned.

A Irish Setter-man - He is very sociable and good-natured; perhaps thats why he can be often found at the pub with his buddies. On your first date, suggest an Irish pub that serves authentic dishes such as shepherds pie, fish and chips and beef stew. If you get serious with Mr. Irish Setter man, you can expect him to be loyal, affectionate and a family man.

A Rottweiler man - He cant help but become overly protective when he senses his loved ones are in danger.

A Mutt Man - He changes his moods at the drop of a hat, as he possesses the numerous personality traits of his various ancestors! Famous, multi-talented Mutt men actors include sexy Brad Pitt, soulful Kevin Spacey, mysterious David Duchovny and animated Alan Cumming.

A Golden Retriever man - He is not above going through your closets and personal belongings when you're not aware. He'll feel entitled to claim your possessions as mutual territory. You can help him channel his high energy by giving him projects around the house or yard, such as; building shelves, painting the apartment and landscaping the garden.

Looking at the above is my version of men owning Pariya dogs(local mumbai street dogs)....

A Pariya man - He is most likely to have dandruff and lice in his hair. It is important to carry a deodarant along with you...when on a date with him, cause they donot believe in regular shower routine. Very possieve of his belongings and he wouldnt like you mixing with other men. Treasures his freedom...most likely to go out every night with his regular set of buddies, lives life on the fast lane. Not very fussy over food...basically anything that fills his stomach would do. Love and Attention love him once and he will follow you around like a dog.

Here are few more tips from Ms. Wendy...on whether the doggy man is for real or not BUT you will require your beloved pooches assistance.

-If you have a faithful dog in your household, count on it to help sniff out whether your budding relationship might just be puppy love or the real deal.

-When you first start dating, your dog will give you a sure indicator about how it feels about your new love interest. At first meeting, your dog's tail will wag with approval if it connects positively. If your canine love consultant barks and growls every time sweetie enters the room - beware of cupid! His arrow might have missed the mark! Some breeds are more protective and take longer to warm up to new people entering their clan.

I think this is really amazing....finally there is a way my dog Spike will be useful for something. Anywaz...from now on i definately will pay more attention to my dog at the Doggy Park...maybe he will be able to sniff out My Mr. Right.
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  1. hmmmm....very interesting.
     — Anonymous Rajiv, at 8/28/2005 11:26:00 PM 

  2. a whole new perspective to the term "doggie style".:) J/K
     — Blogger chappan, at 8/29/2005 01:59:00 AM 

  3. I've lived with Irish Setter Man and he is not at all faithful, though he puts forward the deceitful impression that he is, which is why not only girls, but also their mummies and aunties are taken in by him.

    I had to laugh at the point about seeing how a man treats or reacts to a pet will foreshadow how he treats a woman. I remember in the past, a bloke who was afraid of dogs (due to a childhood trauma). The fear extended to cats also. My cat jumped up by him one day, and he (the six-foot tall guy) jumped a mile.

    I love pariah dogs. They always look like their eyes are smiling.
     — Blogger Olinda, at 8/29/2005 06:06:00 AM 

  4. Chappan - hahaha..thats funny, never looked at it THAT way.

    Olinda - I feel this is just like reading your horoscope. Not everything they write about your star sign is TRUE for you. But some times they do hit at the write spot.

    My very close guy friend owns a Golden Retriever...and the stuff Ms. Wendy has mentioned about such very true.
     — Blogger Sakshi, at 8/29/2005 10:51:00 AM 

  5. you people are horrible you cant just judge someone like that everyone is different you will find someone that goes against your classifications its just wrong to already have voted someone out or guessed who they are without even talking to them
     — Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/25/2008 11:41:00 PM 

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