Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Ghost town in Hong Kong
A different trend of theme park seems to be on its way....

A Hong Kong official said one of the territory’s tiny islands could make a killing with a novel theme park based on its unsavoury reputation as a suicide spot, a media report said yesterday.

The Morbid suggestion to create a ghost-town attraction where guests were dared to spend the night in “haunted flats” came at a meeting of local leaders on little Cheung Chau island.

Councillor Lam Kit-sing said the island should capitalise on the grisly reputation of one of its holiday homes,

"Where 20 people have taken their lives in the past eight years. Another five people attempted suicide there".

Lam believes the Macabre Park could be an added attraction for the millions of people expected in the city when Hong Kong Disneyland opens in September.

WOW.....this will surely be great. I might be going to HK in Oct and will definitely visit this place if it opens up by then.In Sydney i had taken the
Manly Quarantine Station Ghost Tour. We were a group of 8 friends and the tour began around 8.00 PM. Even with 40 degree weather outside, the station was freezing. Sadly, we were not lucky enough to experience any ghost sightings but overall it was a spooky adventure and all of us had a horrific time.
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