Friday, August 26, 2005
Govinda Aala...aur Kachara Gela !!!

I know i am using the word Govinda (Lord Krishna) and Kachara ( road side filth) in the same sentence but thats the best way i can explain what I saw today.

My way to work....i.e. from Juhu to Andheri East..was completely a different experience to what I am use to since the recent floods and otherwise also. The Juhu locality...especially areas around Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple...were completely CLEAN. I know its sounds shocking....but really this is TRUE.The Huge garbage cans were clean..not only from outside BUT inside too (usually they are over filled and garbage can be seen scattered around the bins).

The roads were looking shiny...I mean you could actually see you face init...nahhh...I am just kiddin...but it really looked as if someone had cleaned them with Ariel or Surf clothing detergent. For once, the BMC workers actually did their job and more so did it PERFECTLY.

I just coundnt to what brought this change..cause I had not read of any increase in wages for the BMC officials in today's newspaper. Then hit me....tomorrow is Jamashtami (Govinda) festival....and so there will be huge crowd from today evening itself at the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. Plus government officials and other celebrities will also be visiting the temple for darshan...and thats why all this cleaning took place and NOT because the BMC officials got a sudden jerk from their inner conscious.

Also there were cops on every damn road in Juhu...traffic officials included. All this arrangement to handle the crowd and traffic for today and tomorrow in and around the temple.

If this what it takes to keep Mumbai city officials to take their job seriously...then I wish that Lord Krishna could visit us more often. would be to see the after-effects, what will the roads look like on Sunday??

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