Monday, August 01, 2005
an IMPROVEMENT....a little too LATE !!
'WOW'...its been raining like crazy for the past 48 hours now. And here i am sitting at work, cause we have a big presentation coming up this weekend in New Delhi. However, i am the only one present at work...since the whole city has been put on HIGH ALERT by the government officials.

Yesterday, my brother left for Dubai for business meetings. It was raining heavily then too and his flight was delayed only by 2 hours..which is much better then what has happened to many other flight passengers...both domestic and international. On our way to the airport we saw lot of improvement in respect to the flood situation handling by the BMC and the POLICE FORCE.

BMC workers were seen cleaning up the pile of garbage that had gathered in and around JUHU SCHEME. Police patrolling vehicles seen practically every 10 mins. Most of the areas, electricity had been restored. Though KALINA & SANI NAKA are still without WATER AND ELECTRICITY. Regular updates were being posted on TV and RADIO. Flights in and out of Mumbai have started again and the trains are also working.

So it seems that the Government has finally got its act together and started to put the MUMBAI DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN into action. However, i am sure most of the Mumbai feels that it has happened to late. But then come to think of it, its 'BETTER LATE THEN NEVER'.

However TODAY is a different story,the rainfall is much more heavier and regular then yesterday and most of the low-lying areas have been again filled up with water. Trains are again effected and so are the flights. On the brighter side i did see POLICE CARS patrolling on the roads and the BMC workers cleaning up in MIDC, Andheri East. Lets hope they continue doing their work.

According to the officials :

Beginning July 31, Mumbai has again been in the grip of incessant rains.

At 10.30 am today, 150 mm of rainfall had been recorded in Santa Cruz and 100 mm in Colaba.

Many parts of the suburbs are under water. These include

Veera Desai Road and JP Road, Andheri
Linking Road, Bandra
SV Road beyond Andheri
Dadar TT Circle
Low-lying areas of Matunga
Hindmata at Parel
Low-lying areas of Powai
Thakur Village in Kandivili
Low-lying areas near the Western Express Highway in Goregaon and nearby streets.
Bandra-Kurla complex is flooded and should be avoided.
There is waist-high water at Nehru and Dixit Roads in Vile Parle East.

Chalo bhai i better leave for home now, getting calls from my mother and best friend to leave straight away. Apparently, the MAHARASTHRA GOVERNMENT has warned of 'HIGH TIDE' along with even more heavier rainfall for the next 24 hours. So its no time to ACT BRAVE...cause i don't think i can survive the long walk like the one on 26th JULY once again.
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