Monday, August 08, 2005
Mumbai Dubaoo Management Committee

This is in relation to one of my previous post based on 'Mumbai Disaster Management Plan'.

“There is no need for a meeting as the chief secretary and chief minister are discussing every aspect of the operation” ––– K S Vatsa, Relief and Rehabilitation secretary and a member of the Mumbai Disaster Management Committee.

This was the answer given in response to the question as to why no meeting has yet been held by the Mumbai Disaster Management Committee since the city was nearly ruined due to the flooding two weeks ago.

The committee was formed in 1998 as the World Bank insisted on a disaster management plan in the state after its Rs 1,000 crore rehabilitation programme for the earthquake-ravaged Latur and Osmanabad.

What is the committee supposed to do?

* To ensure effective inter-departmental co-ordination
* Provide policy decisions
* n Keep the govt informed about the disaster situation
* Review disaster-related activity reports received from the BMC, police and army control rooms and provide directions
* Co-ordinate the activities of lateral and central government agencies like the defence services, SRP, CRPF, Coast Guards and Meteorology Department, etc
* Additional Chief Secretary is the chairman

And according to K. S. Vasta, there is NO need for a meeting. I just don’t get this!! How is the committee going carry out the above stated proceedings without organising meetings where all its members are present? Just because the Chief Minister is involved in the relief operation, the members of the committee can sit on their butt and watch the rescue missions being carried out by Local Civilians on the television in the luxury of their air-conditioned bedrooms.

If the committee feels that the Chief Minister is doing a good job with the relief operations then they should be straight away shot in the head. It is their job to see that the Gvernment officials/BMC/NGOs all work hand in hand and reach out to the needy and most effected people first. But this does not seem to be the case !! Instead relief materials are being passed on to many undeserving people who were unaffected by the floods.

It’s appalling to see that the very people who are responsible for welfare of thousands of people, be so disinterested in their job and on top of that be bold enough to give preposterous excuses for their blunders.


Ref :
Article published in Mumbai Mirror.

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