Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Pearls of Wisdom - Part 1
This write-up was published in The Sindhian magazine.

Though it is mainly concerned with Sindhies..i believe that there are many similarities between Sindhies and Punjabies ( i am a punju)..therefore i am putting it up on my blog. Its funny and at some point hilarious....but very true.

So all you Sindhies and Punjus..get your act together and take notes.


1. Money saved is money earned.

2. Always and always bargain even if it is with the vegetable vendor for just 10 rupees. (Especially if it is with the vegetable vendor for just 10 rupees.)

3. Know excatly how much currency is in your wallet at any given moment. Your Sindhi (Punjabi in my case) parents and spouse are authorised to spring a suprise check on you regarding this, anytime.

4. Never interrupt a person when they are counting notes. Purchasing a currency counting machine is considered a sound investment.

5. Dont trust anyone with your money.


Pay close attention to this one because food is an extremely vital part of every Sindhi/Punju household.

1. Dont throw away stale food, recook it the next day.

2. Store all your chocolates, alcohol and precious 'biscoots' under lock and key.

3. Completely disregard expiry dates printed on products especially on medicines and imported foodstuff.

4. Avoid buying mangoes at the beginning of the season even if you have a desperate craving for them. Instead, wait for the mango season to come to an end because the fruit is much cheaper then.

5. After eating a meal at a restaurant, always take home the leftover food for the next day, unless ofcourse, it is a Monday or satyanarayan.

6. Attend all weddings that you ae invited to so you can eat there and dont have to cook at home.


1. Buy economy class tickets but always ask for an upgrade.

2. Take home the nuts, cutlery, toilet kits and chocolate that you get on the flight.

3. Always visit the airport lounge, even if it is only for few minutes, because it is included in the price of the ticket.

4. You must drink alcohol on flight since its complimentary.

5. Dont waste money on courier charges when you want to send a package. Instead wait for someone to travel to that place and then request them to carry it for you.

6. Always call friends in the city you are visiting, before hand (especially if you are carrying parcel for them), so that they offer to have you picked from the airport and you wont have to take a cab.

*Thats it for today, lesson no.2 tommorrow.

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