Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Pearls of Wisdom - Part 2
This is a continuation to my previous post on certain guidelines to be followed by Sindhis and Punjabis.


1. When looking for a particular product, first survey all stores dealing in the goods, study the prices and only then decide where you are going to make the purchase. Even then, remember to ask for a discount.

2. Cut old saris to fashion salwar kurtas. Scissor faded suits to make cushion covers and old cushion covers to create kitchen rags.

3. Buy clothes one size big, especially for kids, so that they can be worn for a longer period of time.

4. Never ever say no to a free gift or a good deal.

5. Always shop in sales and buy in wholesale, even if its 100 rolls of toilet paper and especially if you are buying gifts for relatives. And no, they dont mind getting the same gifts.

6. while having you hair streaked, always ask for the brightest highlights. Since you are paying so much for it, the colour must dazzle.

Miscellanceous Tips

1. Refrain from talking on the phone phone for long hours if you have made the call. as far as possible arrange for your friends to call you because receiving, calls on the landline is free.

2. SMS the person you want to talk with, to call you back on your cellphone. Incoming calls cost nothing.

3. Wait to make international calls, no matter how urgent, only after the STD/ISD rates drop at night. Every little bit counts.

4. Switch off the car engine at signals to conserve petrol.

5. Dont trash used envelopes and greeting cards. Cut them up and use as writing paper for taking down phone messages and making reminder notes.

6. Never throw away wrapping papers from gifts that you receive. Fold neatly and store. Recycle when needed.

7. Carry on your own miniatures of alcohol to restaurants to avoid paying high bills.

8. Roll, squash and squeeze toothpaste tubes till as flat as paper.

9. Store old clothes in suitcases because you never know when you will need them.

10. In your attempt to prove that sharing is caring, use one teabag for two or more cups of tea.

(Note : This is a work of nonfiction. I take no responsibilty for the views and ideas expressed.Kindly donot take them seriously as they are meant for purely reading purpose ONLY. Resemblence to any individual is purely co-incidental.)

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