Thursday, August 25, 2005
Runaway Crocs !!
According to Reuters -

A Chinese wildlife farm has set up a hotline for people to report sightings of 13 runaway crocodiles who are likely to suffer as the weather cools, state media said on Thursday.

Altogether 29 crocs escaped from the farm near the city of Benxi, about 800 km (480 miles) east of Beijing in the province of Liaoning, in the middle of August, when heavy rain raised the water levels above normal.

Fifteen had been found and one killed, the China Daily said, leaving 13 at the mercy of the elements.

More on this...

These guys should straight away call Australia's very own Crocodile Dundee man, Steve Irwin. I am sure he will be glad to help....and in return will get to make couple more interesting wildlife documentaries/movies starring 'himself, his wife, his kid and obviously the Runaway Crocodiles.

'What ya say mite ?'....
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  1. Crocodile Dundee...cheesiest Aussie thing i ever saw.
     — Anonymous arZan, at 8/26/2005 02:59:00 AM 

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