Wednesday, August 03, 2005
still living in the STONE AGE......sad but true !!!
Read this article in Times Of India. It talks about how every year around 45,000 thousand people from two villages in Madhya Pradesh gather together to celebrate 'GOTMAAR' which could be stated as India's most wildest and insane festivals.

They celebrate this event by THROWING STONES AT EACH OTHER and all of this is done for a reason that happened some 300 years ago between the two villages. When the cops tried to intervene, they were also stoned to death by the angry mob.

More than 1000 people have lost their lives and many have lost their eyes, splintered their faces and gone home paralysed.

This also reminds me of another such mind boggling religious festival of
'Sati', the 'Sharadotsava Pooja', where the widow women is pushed in most cases into the funeral pyre of her husband. Though the Indian Justice court has banned this is still being followed in many parts of North India and is also supported by many of the national party members.

I wonder when will we actually get out of these stone age beliefs and get ourselves forward. These activities simply take us far beneath the THIRD WORLD category.

And the dream of helping rural india come abreast with the internet/technology, thereby bring the world to the Indian villages as mentioned in one of the
blog that i read..seems a very far fetched mission.I mean what good can technology do when the very mind & thoughts of people are not ready to let go of the past.
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