Wednesday, August 03, 2005
the TRUTH is out there !!!
Well i have always been an Alien buff....from reading about them in the papers, novels, magazines to watching practically every Alien movie released up till now and mostly all the episodes of 'THE X-FILES'.

I guess any information about the 'UNKNOWN' has always intrigued mankind.

Anyways while surfing the net i came across this website
'TalkToAliens.Com', this site actually offers a solution for people who want a direct line to aliens - by broadcasting their phone calls directly into space. People wanting to contact extraterrestrial beings through the website can dial a premium rate US number and have their call routed through a transmitter and sent into space through a 3.2-metre-wide dish in central Connecticut, US.

It would cost users $3.99 per minute. According to the president of the company, a large radio receiver situated on a distant planet might be good enough for an alien civilization to receive the calls. The company has focused on across the MILKY WAY to cover a host of nearby stars thereby increasing the chances of ALIEN RESPONSE.

The downside to this is that it would take 2 YEARS for the calls to be properly received since the nearest star to our solar system is 4 LIGHT YEARS away.

However since the alien hotline was turned on, the website has fielded hundreds of calls, averaging about three minutes each.The website also offers a facility of sending personalized E-MAILS upto 1000 words into the space.

Since the calling facility is only provided to US and CANADIAN citizens (this happens in most cases), i did send an e-mail. Now i shall wait VERY PATIENTLY for a reply....chances are very less....BUT THERE IS HOPE.

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