Thursday, August 04, 2005
whats with number '26' ??
Now...i am not a very superstious person. But the recent tragedy that happened in Mumbai city compelled me to think this way.

Why is that most of the recent natural disasters occurred around the world happened to be on the '26th' day of the month?

Is it just a coincidence or does it mean something?? Is this a way of GOD trying to pass on some kind of message to MANKIND???

Some of the natural disasters that happened to be on 26TH.

1. Bhuj Earthquake, INDIA : 26th Jan 2001
2. Winter storm blanketed part of the Carolinas in the US : 26th Feb 2004
3. Tsunami hitting across Asia : 26th Dec 2004
4. Floods in Mumbai : 26th July 2005

Check this
article out, gives more accounts of relation between 26 and natural disasters.

Come to think of it, this is an interesting way of looking at number '26'.

13 + 13 = 26

Does this make '26' double unlucky???
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