Monday, August 22, 2005
With Love From IRAN...

A special report written by Sheela Bhatt, Managing Editor (National Affairs).

She along with 13 other Indian women journalists embarked their journey to Iran after receiving an invitation from the Iranian government. With the mission of gaining an insight on thoughts, beliefs and behavior practiced in this country.

"Please don't show your bust line."

Sheela starts with the 'dress code' instructions given to them before the commencement of the tour by the tour coordinator and stressed further once they reach Tehran by the Indian diplomats and His Excellency S L Yaghoubi (ambassador of Iran)'s colleagues.

Lack of western influence has resulted in foreign sim cards and credit cards to be absolutely useless along with Travelers cheques and post 1998 printed American dollars.
She also writes about the Iranian influence in India right from the Moghuls era to the present day.

Its a very simple write up...informing about the simple but strict lifestyle of the people belonging to a country which is now seen as the next EVIL HUB (after Iraq) by the American government.
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