Friday, September 30, 2005
Fuel Saving Techniques
The Congress on 6th September, described as 'difficult but unavoidable decision' of the government to raise petrol and diesel prices in view of the spiraling crude oil prices in the international market. According to them, government has been sensitive about the increase in burden on the consumers and has therefore not passed the entire burden to them.

Thankfully,there was no increase in kerosene and LPG prices and in actual terms price increase in petrol and diesel is much less compared to the sharp rise in oil prices globally. However, paying Rs. 50/- a liter is still turning out to be a burden on the pocket not only for the common man but also celebrities. The hike in fuel prices has forced many TOP PEOPLE to change their daily traveling means and routine.

Here are some techniques adopted by our Page 3 people, to cope with the ever-increasing petrol prices.

1. Shahrukh Khan - From now onwards instead of traveling in his Mercedes or BMW, he will be going to shootings and press conferences in his newly acquired 'Bath Tub', which will be pushed around by the 'Lux' people and his bodyguards.

2. Maliaka Sherawat - Thanks to her 'sex appeal', from now on will be seen taking 'Lift' from strangers driving poshy cars. That way she will be burning someone else's fuel.

3. Anil Ambani - He will continue traveling in 'Lamborghini', only difference will be that he would be stealing 50% fuel from his brother Mukesh Ambani's Mercedes.

4. Abhishek Bachan - Will not much change in his lifestyle, he will continue riding on his dad's piggyback.

5. Ektaa Kapoor - She has decided to pay for the fuel but cutting salary payments of his daily-soap stars. Plus she has also decided that all her soap actress will be wearing 'Micro' clothes instead of lavish saris...this move is expected to increase the T.R.P rating her daily 'saas-bahu' dramas as well.

6. John Abraham - He has decided to sit on his 'Bike' and make 'Vroom..Vroooom' sound and think of Bipasha Basu, to get the feel of riding without wasting any fuel.

7. Karan Johar - For him the decision is easy...he will ride along in Shahrook's 'Tub', afterall 'Shahrukh hai na'.

8. Lalu Prasad Yadav - Has decided to back to his old days of riding on his pet 'Bulls' and 'Cows'.

9. Saurav Ganguly and Grey Chappal - They have been advised by the cricket board to travel together in one car, provided by the board. This will not only save fuel money for the two...but also help them solve their differences. Well this is what the Indian cricket is board is hoping, since they can't do anything themselves.

10. Farah Khan - Well she will try to fit herself in Shahrook's 'Tub'. If that attempt is unsuccessful, then her expertise of dancing on top of moving trains would come handy.

11. Salman Khan - He will continue with riding his 'Bicycle', since he is shown 'No Entry' sign wherever he goes.
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