Monday, September 26, 2005
It's the time to disco...
This weekend turned out to be pretty interesting for me..why ? well because it has given me the inspiration for my new list. On Saturday night, i went clubbing with couple of my friends to a pretty well-known nightspot in the suburbs. The place was packed, when we reached there..thats around 10.30 pm. Now the sad bit is..when most of your friends are couples...and you the only single one..things tend to get boreing after a while. Not to get things friends are great and made sure many a times that i wasn't feeling left out.

Anyways the on and off free time, gave me the chance to notice certain individuals that i am sure most of you have seen, met and can relate to in the every desi club context.

So without any further delay guys....come on 'let's do the cha cha chaa'

Mr. Popular

Usually comes with his 3-5 chamchas
The leader of the pack
Mostly a regular to the club, since he knows the bar-tender on first name basis
Definitely has a good time out, thanks to 'Papa' dearest's moolah
Makes sure to keep his gang happy by paying for their drinks and meal
Mostly stands at the bar with his groupies and checks out the women

The Body-Builder

Has a good body and wants everyone around him to acknowledge it
Wears mostly bodyfit t-shirts and singlets
Dance step mostly involve flexing his muscle
He is bound to make even Sanjay Dutt look like Parbhudeva thanks to his dancing skillsDesperately needs to carry a deodorant for humanity sake...its simply unbearable if you happen to be dancing next to him when he's got his hands swaying in the air...while you are bearing the brunt of his exposed arm pit


Gushing young women with good looks and hot body
High maintenance evident from extravagant dressing style
Will only be seen at trendiest and happing venues
90% chances of having a boyfriend
Her daddy always told her she was a princess and she expects to be treated like one
Needs to be the constant center of attention no matter what
Dances all night long and expects her boyfriend to do the same

Eagle-eyed Uncle

He's just a big over grown kid – and not in the good way
Busy checking out every single girl/women in the club when the wife is not looking
Pretends to be having a good time with wifey while lusting over someone else
Firmly believes 'abhi to mein jawan hoon'
Always on the move on the dance floor hoping to be hit by any women other than his wife

Raging Hormones

This category belongs to young high-school newly in-love couples
Rarely get any opportunity to get up & close with their partners during the day therefore they seem to make most of their night out together
They tend to occupy the darkest corners on the dance floor or the dinning section
Not at all interested in dinning and dancing, prefer to keep themselves busy with coochy-cooying with one another

Hate it when they do it on the dance floor....they desperately need to get a room

Spandex Aunty

Yes, besides the gym they make their present felt here too
Not a pretty sight to look at..need to loose atleast 75 pounds before they try to fit themselves in those short dresses or tight pants
They follow the same rule here too i.e. the dress should fit the body and not the other way round


She has incredible looks, uses excessive red lipstick and has long bright nails
She actually looks like a vampire and seems to possess those qualities too
You can spot her miles away because she flirts with anything in pants
Believes in flaunting her sexuality at every opportunity with her dancing style
Surely by the end of the night she would have sucked out everything from her victim – money, strength, illusions and sperm.

Stage Hogs/Disco Dancers

They always want to be center of attention.
Will be heard talking excessively loud…yes even in the night club you can hear them
Wild gesturing
Provocative outfits
First ones to dance on the broad panels next to the DJ booth or the bar table
Usually the last ones to leave


They come here only to booze
Some more booze
More booze and booze
Finally a seriously sick hang-over

That's it guys...this is all the time I got that night…once they started playing 'It's the time to Disco', I looked at my watch and realized that it was my time to khisco from the club. I am sure there are many more varieties..maybe you can give your views & experience in the comments section.

(ps..for your info I have not mentioned the category that I fall under in this post, kindly refrain from asking me...)

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  1. hahaha :-) dat was funny.. so freaking true..!!

    u should also add the category of people who come to d club and feel so out of place.. and still try to hang in there.. people like me.. never been comfy in a night club.. god knows y..??

    I prefer.. rocking music and a pub.. to d dance floor for sure.!!
     — Blogger justme, at 9/27/2005 12:36:00 PM 

  2. Hey sakshi...funny stuff, pretty creative...well done!
     — Anonymous Shaky Stevens, at 9/27/2005 12:49:00 PM 

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