Thursday, September 15, 2005
Pakistanis religion fanatics
Gallup International Voice of the People carried out a survey in June 2005, which was commissioned by the BBC World Service. The poll surveyed more than 50,000 people in 68 countries, representing the views of 1.3bn citizens. The goal of the survey was to explore the global attitudes to power.

A total of 1,063 Indians and 843 Pakistanis were surveyed.

Some of the interesting findings from the survey are as follows :

1. Who do you trust ?

Indians voted -
61% voted for military and police
58% said journalists
39% said religion
1% trusted politicians

Pakistanis voted -
55% trusted religious leaders
42% journalists
31% politicians and business leaders
29% the military and police

Globally, only 13% trusted politicians.

2. Who had the most influence on decisions taken in personal lives ?

Indians voted -
92% said family and partner
0% for religious leader

Pakistanis voted -
45% said family and partner
18% answered religious leader

I guess, this some-what proves that most Pakistanis are religion fanatics (but then we always knew that) and we, the Indians still believe in our country's justice system insipte of its numerous pitfalls.

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  1. trusting their religious leadres doesn't equate to religious fanatiscism...
    EVery population cant be homogenous, There are bound to be moderates and conservatives.
    Even We Indians have Bal Thackarey and Modi etc..
    I've several Pakistani friends on ORKUT, they're also normal people like us. Its just that we Indians always look at the whole of pakistan through our scratched glasses(terrorism)

    Keep Blogging!
     — Blogger Prahalathan, at 9/15/2005 02:51:00 PM 

  2. Prahalathan : Tell me one thing, wud you trust your life decisions in the hand of your pandit or some religious leader...i dont think so. BUT some Pakistanis do so....then on what basis are they NOT religion fanatics.

    who would you call 'Religion Fanatic'?

    I agree we have 'Bal Thackarey' and 'Modi'...but i doubt that most Indians do follow their lead in the name of religion.

    And i know...many Pakistanis are just like us...but are perceived as terriost by most of the world...BUT tell me who is to blame for that ?

    YUP....keep blogging !!!
     — Blogger Sakshi, at 9/15/2005 03:08:00 PM 

  3. Sakshi
    This is just generalisation adn I wouldnt put too much stock in these surveys anyway. Trusting journos, oh please. Look at the mainstream journos in India. Tell me who would you trust amongst them ?
    Besides Indians are no less religious fanatics than their Pakistani counterparts. I have numerous friends, here in the US, who consult astrologers and priests before embarking on anything significant. What do u say of that ?
     — Blogger chappan, at 9/15/2005 03:16:00 PM 

  4. Chappan : I agree with ya...its not something to take too seriously...and it surely seems to be generalised.

    As for believing the MEDIA...well i go with selective approach..believe what i want to..and disregard the others.

    We have Indians here too...who spend loads of money on sessions with Bejan Daruwalla and the likes..but thats got to do mostly with starting new business, purchasing a house and other stuff on these lines.

    what i was meaning in my previous comment with respect to some Pakistanis placing their life the hand of 'madrassas'. In most cases..young boys go there to learn about their religion's culture and beliefs..but instead their young minds are manupilated by some religious leaders and preachers...all in the name of religion and jihad.
     — Blogger Sakshi, at 9/15/2005 03:33:00 PM 

  5. Dear Sakshi,

    I can't believe you think I'm a religious fanatic!

    This poll is more a reflection of how badly Pakistanis think of politicians, businessmen, the army and the police rather than how well they think of "religious leaders." I'd like to know if there was a "none of the above" option. (In other words: would 55% people vote for Bin Laden if him and Zawahiri were the only ones in a beauty pageant?)

    If by "religion fanatic" you really mean "ignorant and superstitious", then - as chappan said - I'm afraid that's a disease that transcends the Wagah border.
     — Anonymous raven, at 9/15/2005 07:50:00 PM 

  6. (delete the comment above please!)

    Oh and if madrassa enrollment is what you're basing your claim on: this study found it to be under 1 percent.
     — Anonymous raven, at 9/15/2005 08:02:00 PM 

  7. This poll is good for a laugh. It just provides fodder for people on both sides to laugh at the other.

    I agree with what raven says.

    Infact you should read ravens post on what he thinks of the "dictator". That makes interesting reading.
     — Anonymous arZan, at 9/15/2005 08:55:00 PM 

  8. Dear Raven,

    As i mentioned in my previous comment...i agree the survey is way too generalised...and i dont believe that the entire lot of Pakistanis are a matter of fact i have my cousins in Lahore.

    Its just sad that...cause of few unjust BUT powerful dictators..then entire nation has to suffer.

    BTW way liked your post on Musharaff's comment at the NYC summit.
     — Blogger Sakshi, at 9/16/2005 11:24:00 AM 

  9. like prahalthan said "trusting religious leaders doesnt equate to religious fanatiscism." Its just about who you trust with life's decisions more. Someone who is well-versed in the religion you follow, or a friend who is probably just as inexperienced as you. And Sakshi, i really don't want to say this, but you must be immensely shallow, and completely controlled by the US media if you believe that Madrassahs are breeding grounds for terrorists. Because, being a Pakistani i can assure you that does not happen. Also, I'm sorry to go so completely off topic, but i really want to clear any misunderstandings you may have of muslims or pakistanis, that the reason why muslims are suicide bombers and are part of a few other activities is because of US's treatment to muslims. Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of it. I mean, come on, what does Bush think of himself. Just because he efficiently rigged the voting polls during the elections doesnt mean that he has the support of all those living in the world, towards his destruction activities. He has no right what so ever, to claim countries to be planning terrorist activities, because even if a certain country does attack another he can just use his ill mannered moves then. there is no use in destroying lives, homes and identities of innocent civilians, both Iraqi, Palestinian, Afghani and American, for no use at all. If he so whole-heartedly encourages teens to join the army why doesnt he make his own children join it. And if he would stop wasting so much American energy, and force in Iraq, maybe he could pay a bit of attention to his own country so that next time a major natural disaster, like the one that struck New ORleans occurs, he doesnt waste three days not wanting to delay his vacation, and make the civilians HE IS RESPONSIBLE for suffer.
     — Anonymous kavlu, at 9/27/2005 04:49:00 PM 

  10. Kavlu : Firstly thanks for dropping in. Would have been nice if you would have left your e-mail for me to sendyou abusive mail but just to let you know my side. :)

    Hope you have read all my comments for this post to give you an idea thoughts and reasons.

    As for you calling me shallow and being influenced by George Bush and American media..then kindly go thru me blog and you will fine quite a few anti-Bush posts. And i agree with most of your reasons against Bush.

    FYI, i loved the movie 'Farenheit 9/11' and gave it a standing ovation from my side.
     — Blogger Sakshi, at 9/27/2005 05:24:00 PM 

  11. who is responsible for killing muslim in india? thakrey/modi/bjp/rss or suporters of all this org. indian hrdliners hindus who are living in western countries?
     — Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/15/2006 08:13:00 AM 

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