Saturday, September 10, 2005
Yahan Darna Zaroori Hai !!
Ever since I was a kid, I have always been inquisitive about the mysterious phenomena of the paranormal. I consider this as my so called 'dark side'. I enjoy reading books on Aliens, Vampires, Ghosts, etc. And I love horror wake me up at 2.00 Am and ask me to watch 'Evil Death' and I will always be game for it. I have even watched most of the 'Ramsay' directed and produced Hindi horror movies you can judge my obsession with the unknown. I personally believe 'Purana Mandir' and 'Virana' were the best horror films that came out of Bollywood.

In the recent times, I enjoy watching the show 'Scariest Places on Earth' on AXN. Host Linda Blair (her acting in 'The Exorcists' was simply terrifying) would take us on a trip to some of the most haunted locations on the planet to learn the spooky history from the hair raising narration of Zelda Rubenstein. We also get a glimpse into the paranormal from the onsite correspondent Alan Robson. The basic theme of the show is to watch what happens when a normal American family spends the night in one of the Scariest Places on Earth!

After loads of reading and tele-watching, here is my list of the most scariest places in the world. And I really hope and wish that I get to visit atleast a couple of them, someday.

1.Chillingham Castle: England is a land steeped in history, tradition and legend. It boasts more than 1400 medieval castles across its countryside, many of which are said to be frequented by ghosts, specters and other supernatural occurrences. Termed as "The Most Haunted Castle in Britain", Chillingham Castle in the county of Northumberland in Northern England is infamous for an entire collection of restless souls.

Sightings :

The most famous of the castle's ghosts is the 'Blue Boy', whose agonizing cries are said to wail out at around midnight from a passageway inside the castle close to one of the modern-day self catering apartments. A soft light is then said to engulf a four-poster bed in the room nearby and an image of the boy appear for a few brief seconds. Chillingly, the bones of a boy and fragments of blue clothing were discovered hidden behind a wall in the very vicinity of the noises several years ago.

2.Tower of London: During her long and illustrious 900 years, The Tower of London has developed into one of the most haunted places in Britain. It has been home to beheadings and murders, torture and hangings, as well as being a prison to Queens and Nobles alike.

Sightings :

Thomas A. Becket is "the first reported sighting of a ghost at the Tower of London." During the construction on the Inner Curtain Wall in the 13th century, Thomas appeared apparently unhappy about the construction, and it is said he reduced the wall to rubble with a strike of his cross. Henry III's grandfather was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket, so Henry III wasted no time building a chapel in the Tower of London, naming it for the archbishop. This must have pleased Thomas' ghost because there were no further interruptions during the construction of the wall.

The Bloody Tower was the scene of the infamous disappearance of the two princes; Edward V (12) and Richard Duke of York (10), who are thought to have been murdered in 1483 on the probable command of the Duke of Gloucestershire, who was to be crowned Richard the III. According to one story, guards in the late 15th century, who were passing the Bloody Tower, spotted the shadows of two small figures gliding down the stairs still wearing the white night shirts they had on the night they disappeared. They stood silently, hand in hand, before fading back into the stones of the Bloody Tower. These figures were identified as the ghosts of the two princes. In 1674 workmen found a chest that contained the skeletons of two young children, they were thought to be the remains of the princess, and were given a royal burial not long afterwards. The story of the little princes is still to this day a heartbreaking story. They are "among the most poignant ghosts" in the Tower of London.

The most persistent ghost in The Tower of London is the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn. The King, Henry VIII, after learning the baby she carried for nine months was a boy and still born, accused by her of infidelity. She was taken to TOWER GREEN and was beheaded on May 19, 1536. Queen Anne appears near the Queen's House, close to the site where her execution was carried out. She can be seen leading a ghostly procession of Lords and Ladies down the aisle of the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula. She floats down the aisle to her final resting place. Queen Anne is buried under the Chapel's altar. Her headless body has also been seen walking the corridors of the Tower.

3. The Queen Mary Ship: The Queen Mary is definitely one of the most famous residents of Long Beach, California. She was once the world's longest luxury liners before and after carrying military personnel at the beginning of WWII. She carried up to 15,000 troops at one time, and returned the wounded to the US. Some of her more famous passengers include Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, Bob Hope and Clark Gable. Queen Mary might be a hard working boat but she's known for a lot more than her services. Experts of the paranormal have believed for years that the Queen Mary is haunted. Passengers and crew members have all reported seeing several spooky sights. In fact, the ship has such a reputation for being haunted that you can take ghost tours on it.

Sightings :

An 18 year-old man was crushed to death during a routine watertight door drill on July 10, 1966. He was crushed in doorway number 13 in the engine room. Several sightings of a ghost fitting this man's description have been reported by visitors and crew members. They describe seeing a young bearded man in blue coveralls walking around. When he gets near door number 13 he usually disappears. The man who got crushed was wearing a similar outfit the day he died.

4. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland: Edinburgh Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted spots in Scotland. And Edinburgh itself has been called the most haunted city in all of Europe.

Sightings :

On various occasions, visitors to the castle have reported a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War - even the ghost of a dog wandering in the grounds' dog cemetery. The castle (you can get a tour here) standing magnificently between sea and hills, is a historical fortress, parts of which are more than 900 years old. The cells of its ancient dungeon, the site of uncounted deaths, could very well be an eternal place of unrest for numerous spirits.

Other areas of Edinburgh also have ghostly reputations: the subterranean vaults of South Bridge and a disused street called Mary Kings Close where victims of the Black Death plague were sealed up to die. On April 6 through 17, 2001, these three spots were the subject of one of the largest scientific investigations of the paranormal ever conducted - and the results surprised many of the investigators.

5. Bell Witch: Located in sleepy Adams, Tennessee is the former location of the John Bell Farm, one of the most famous haunted spots in American History. According to the annals of supernatural history, the story of the Bell Witch started in 1817 when the Bell family, prosperous farmers from Tennessee, began experiencing strange phenomena in their home.

Sightings :

First, the house was plagued with knocking and rapping noises and scratching sounds. Blankets were pulled from beds, family members were kicked and scratched and their hair pulled. Particularly tormented was a 12-year-old Betsy Bell, who was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with pins. At first, John Bell was determined to keep the events secret, but soon confided in a friend, who then formed an investigative committee. John Bell's friends soon learned that the strange force in the house had an eerie intelligence.
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  1. very spooky indeed...
     — Anonymous Rajiv, at 9/10/2005 12:45:00 PM 

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